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11th February 2015


Wadworth-Avon Causeway


Wadworth, the Devizes based brewers, have launched a new initiative which is designed to help their pubs re-evaluate their customer offer, a process which involves looking at the whole package of the pub through the eyes of the customer.


Labelled ‘Skin Deep’, the launch is a natural progression from the Wadworth segmentation process which divided the pub estate into five easily identifiable segments each with their own character and customer focus.


“We realised that while we take great care to package our beers in a way which will please the customer, our pub estate was not always presenting the consistent, quality messages that we would like,” explains Pub Marketing Manager Emma Cottam.


“When we looked at the existing signage of the pubs, it became clear that this could be updated, clarified and made more relevant to help customers quickly identify what the pub offers, and thus encourage them inside. In order to elevate the Wadworth brand excellent external pub presentation is essential, and while this starts outside the pub, it needs to extend inside too.”


The process started with photography of the entire pub estate, customer demographic information for each pub and analysis of the findings. Standards for the ‘Skin Deep’ process have now been developed and the definition of key messages for each segment are being communicated to the pubs, with the process of updating the amenity boards and hanging signs now underway.



“With the implementation of segmentation, our pubs now know which segment they belong to, and so have a clear idea of the customers they are aiming to attract,” explains Emma.  “The new wording and look of signage is being developed from the customers’ point of view, with the right messages outside delivering the right offerings inside, thus attracting key customers, and increasing trade volume and profits.



‘’This is a managed house initiative and implementation has already started. However, we believe that it also has application in the tenanted side of our business, and we hope that as the project becomes established our tenanted pubs will choose to become a part of it. The Wadworth brand has power with the consumer as it is an acknowledged sign of quality. By opting to identify with one of our segments, and taking on board the defining factors of that segment, our tenants can profit from the strength of the Wadworth brand.”





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