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1st December 2017

Oakham Ales unveils major rebranding for 2018

Oakham Ales’ beers have long been award-winning but they will now be literally outstanding too, as the company has unveiled a major rebranding of its brews for 2018 – based on consumer feedback.


Through social media and special ‘Meet the Brewer’ events, the Peterborough brewery has conducted extensive market research into customer perception and appreciation of its beers, including popular favourites such as JHB, Citra and Scarlet Macaw.


Using this information, the company is redesigning packaging for a more contemporary look, and will become the first brewery to incorporate tasting notes based on client feedback on its bottles, allowing drinkers to make an informed choice just by looking at the label.


Details of the hops used in the production of each beer will be included, as research has shown this to be a significant deciding factor in drinkers’ choice of brews, particularly amongst Oakham’s younger demographic.


“Customer satisfaction and feedback is absolutely pivotal to what we do at Oakham so what better way to ensure that remains so than by ensuring we are talking the same language as our customers,” said the company’s managing director Adrian Posnett.


“It’s a simple but effective technique – we found out the words our existing customers were already using to describe our beers and have now made that part of the look and presentation, so it will appeal to potential new drinkers in the best way possible.”


The words that were most commonly used by Oakham customers have now been added to bottle labels and pump clips to give consumers as informed a choice as possible when choosing their drinks and type of beer.


“Our accessibility for customers and stockists is a big part of what makes Oakham so successful,” added Adrian.


“We want to know how we can keep them happy, and we really take pride in the personal touch in our business relationships, so we feel this innovation is a positive and imaginative way to keep things that way.”


In addition to the enhanced tasting notes, the Oakham team, gearing up to celebrate 25 years in business in 2018, are also changing the look of some of their labels and adding the type of beer.


“We know people love our beers when they taste them, so we want to do all we can to entice people to choose Oakham ahead of other drinks that might be on offer,” Adrian explained.


“Having made changes to the label, we then conducted further research using the eye-tracking device from our friends at PubLab, where Oakham products were presented to consumers with other beers, and their eye movement was tracked to see how they made their choice and what attracted them.


“All of this will be used to make sure we keep Oakham in pride of place on bars and shelves, and thanks to the new tasting notes, you know when you buy an Oakham beer, it will be exactly what it says on the label.”






Kind regards

David Blackmore

Press Office

Oakham Ales