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23rd November 2014


Following the success of Oddbins No 1 and No 2, the company has teamed up with two home-grown breweries to launch its limited edition IPAs: Oddbins No 3 and Oddbins No 4

 Oddbins, the nation’s favourite high-street wine, spirits and beer merchant, has joined forces with local, independent breweries to launch Oddbins No 3 and No 4 showcasing the latest innovation in Oddbins’ own-brand series of collaboration beers.


Offering further variety to its loyal customer base, the extension of Oddbins’ craft beer range follows the triumph of Oddbins No 1 and No 2 earlier this year, which saw sales of locally produced craft beers in Oddbins stores rise by 37 per cent.


Oddbins No 3


Oddbins has teamed up with Scotland-based Alechemy Brewery, to brew Oddbins No 3 (5% ABV). A rich and well-balanced black IPA that combines all the hoppy characteristics of a traditional IPA with a fuller body and a hint of roasted malt. It is brewed using a combination of four types of malt, including a pale malt, Caramalt, Carafa Special III and Chocolate Malt and uses a small proportion of Carafa Special III and Chocolate malt at the end of the mash bringing a rich colour to the black IPA.


Oddbins No 4


Moncada, West London-based brewery, in collaboration with Oddbins has produced Oddbins No 4 (5% ABV). A beer from the opposite end of the IPA spectrum, reminiscent of a Belgian style wheat beer in body and flavour. It is complemented by the hoppy notes and bitterness produced as a result of being brewed using traditional IPA techniques. It is brewed using only the finest, locally sourced raw ingredients, and contains a combination of Maris Otter, Pale Malt, Wheat and Oats with Stella, Galaxy and Dr Rudi hops.


Sarah Hamilton, Oddbins Local Beer Buyer: “The UK craft brewing industry today is a very exciting place full of people with true passion for their craft and it is always inspirational to work with these people to continue the Oddbins craft beer collaboration journey. Both Oddbins No 3 and No 4 are very special beers showcasing two ends of the IPA spectrum, made at two ends of the UK.”


Stocking an exciting and diverse range of 345 craft beers across its stores, Oddbins has its foot firmly placed in the UK craft beer industry, with locally produced craft beers currently accounting for 49 per cent of all Oddbins’ beer sales.


Introducing Oddbins Beer Club


The launch of Oddbins No 3 and Oddbins No 4 follows on from the recent introduction of the Oddbins Beer Club where members can indulge in their favourite craft beers. Free to join, the club offers cases of beer to members from £30, including delivery.


The six different cases on offer are named after classic British cars, celebrating Oddbins’ creativity and the best of British. With exclusive access to limited edition beers and ‘Meet the Brewer’ evenings included too, the club further cements Oddbins’ position as a strong supporter of the UK craft beer industry.


Oddbins No 3 and No 4 are available from today and retail for £2.80 and £3.60 respectively.




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For more information about the Oddbins Beer Club, please visit:


About Oddbins

Established in 1963, Oddbins was acquired by Raj Chatha’s European Food Brokers (EFB) Group in 2011, it was relaunched under new management in October 2011 with a fresh customer-centric approach that has at its core “Proper Pricing Principle” for wines – no confusing discounts or artificial prices that deceives customers.  The Company intends to grow its branch network to over 100 stores in the next 18 months and is also looking for franchisees in areas of the UK where it is not already represented. The Company recently completed a deal to acquired 17 new stores which will take the size of the estate to 51 (36 stores in London, 9 in Scotland, and six more stores nationwide, including branches in Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, and Bristol) plus a trading website The company has also won the Innovation Category at the recent Drinks Retailing Awards and voted ‘Best Specialist Chain’ at the Portuguese Wine Awards in January 2014 and in August 2014 Oddbins was awarded The High Street Chain of the year by (IWC) International Wine Challenge. You can find out all latest Oddbins news and browse their range of wine (from £6 to £185), fizz, beer, spirits and gifts by visiting one of their stores or


About Alechemy

Alechemy, one of the most innovative breweries in Scotland, was founded in 2012 by James Davies whose passion for brewing began in 1995 whilst at university in Edinburgh.  Davies spent 3 years studying for a PhD in microbiology studying the genetics of brewery yeast, and in the two and half years since Alechemy’s establishment, has brewed over 60 different brews. Alechemy have been stocked in Oddbins since 2013.


About Moncada

Moncada Brewery was launched in 2011 with the aim of creating outstanding traditionally crafted ales using only the finest raw ingredients sourced as much as possible locally.


At a crossroads in his career Julio Moncada had a Eureka moment when he realised his passion for fine ales was in fact a signpost to forging a new career. Having previously been working as a coach in extreme sports he was thinking of opening a deli but instead decided to attend a brewing course and it was after this that he realised that this was the path he wished to follow. Moncada produce a core range of seven distinctive beers stocked in pubs and shops across London and have been stocked in Oddbins stores since 2012.