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22nd June 2023

One Hell of a German Beer Launches in 500ml Can

With interest in different lager styles surging as the sunnier weather arrives, Krombacher has the perfect answer to the sweltering heat after launching its naturally refreshing Hell lager in a 500ml can.

A “Munich Helles Lager” style of beer, Krombacher Hell is distinguished by its full-bodied and highly palatable flavour, which is thanks to the special blend of malt varieties, the famous Felsquellwasser® and Krombacher’s brewing artistry.

Bright gold in colour and smooth with a full-bodied taste, when poured in to a glass it has a firm and creamy-white head with floral aromas and hints of freshly harvested hops coming to the fore.

With very little upfront bitterness and a subtle hint of sweet, lightly toasted malt, Krombacher Hell is well balanced with a seductive malty sweet finish.

Great at complimenting other sweeter dishes, this beer is fabulous with prawns and shellfish, light summer salads and seasonal desserts.

Krombacher Hell has an ABV of 5% and is available in cases of 24.

Stephan Kofler, Krombacher’s Director for Sales & Marketing in the UK & Ireland, said:

“Consumers are scratching below the surface and searching out different lager styles from around the world so it’s great to roll out our incredible Hell can as things heat up in the UK. Slightly sweeter than our traditional Pils, it’s a superb summer sipper and particularly great when paired with barbecued prawns, shellfish and summer salads.”

Krombacher Brewery

Fiercely independent and family-run, Krombacher has been producing its much-revered beers in harmony with nature in the Krombach Valley since 1803.

Brewing exclusively in the small town of Krombach, nestled in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany, Krombacher proudly adheres to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot).

Relying on artistry, experience and above all a passion for purity, Krombacher’s Master Brewers ensure no corners are cut in their pursuit of perfection.

Combining traditional brewing methods with state-of-the art technology, the brewery only uses the finest, 100% natural ingredients. This includes the finest two-row summer barley, Siegel hops from Hallertau and the brewery’s very own specially cultivated Krombacher Pilsner Superioris yeast, which is used in one brew only.

For the precious water, Krombacher beers benefit from the local Felsquellwasser® found in 50 wells within 3km of the brewery. The special water is naturally soft, low in mineral content and is the only water ever used to brew Krombacher beer, providing the beer with its unique, recognisably refreshing, pure and crisp taste.

The market leader in Germany and among the most modern beverage suppliers in Europe, Krombacher beers are now available in more than 50 markets worldwide.  

In the UK, the brand has over 300 draught taps now in operation and the brewery saw staggering YOY On-trade growth of 17% in 2022 (against 2021 sales figures).

For further information:

Twitter – @krombacherUK
Facebook, Instagram – /KrombacherUK

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