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8th March 2013

Onsite Cyclops testing at SIBA’s BeerX on 15th March

Cyclops Beer is bringing its laboratory to SIBA’s BeerX to test a number of British ales and produce Cyclops tasting notes. Technicians will be on hand to analyse the beers and provide descriptors of their look, smell and taste, bitterness and sweetness, beer style and ABV.  Breweries have been invited to bring a pint for testing by Cyclops, as well as to discuss the scheme and help improve the beer descriptors currently being used. Cyclops Beer Live will take place at the BeerX in Ponds Forge, Sheffield on Friday March 15th from 12.30pm.

Cyclops Beer uses symbols to show what a beer looks, smells and tastes like and how bitter or sweet it is. It was designed to demystify beer and help consumers to find their way around the huge variety of tastes, flavours and beer styles and make it easier for them to choose a beer. The scheme has been running since 2006 and has accredited 1475 beers from 244 breweries in the UK. A new Cyclops website was created in 2012 and a new leaflet for consumers is being launched at BeerX.

Nick Arthur from Cyclops said “Cyclops Live will show brewers how we analyse their beers and provide Cyclops descriptions, demonstrating that there is a real science to the process. It’s important that we all communicate better with beer drinkers as this will help to drive the sales of cask ale.  We want to find out if brewers agree with our descriptors, and discuss which beer styles and colours brewers think we should be using.  We know that lots of consumers drink with their eyes and it’s important that we help them to find the ales that they will enjoy.”

Notes to Editors:

About Cyclops Beer:

·         Cyclops Beer was established in 2006 by a number of industry bodies. It is run by the Cyclops Beer Board and is a not-for-profit company which invests any surplus into extending understanding and usage of Cyclops Beer tasting notes amongst consumers and the trade.

·         The Cyclops Board consists of Everards Brewery, Cask Marque, SIBA and CAMRA, further information available at

For further information or to attend Cyclops Live on 15th March, 12.30-2.30pm please contact:

Louise Ashworth, Ashworth PR & Marketing 07740 844 733,