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18th July 2017

Orbit Beers rolls out branding re-design

Orbit Beers, a 10-bbl microbrewery based in Walworth, South East London, marked its third birthday on Saturday 1st July by launching its new and redesigned logo, bottles, labels, tap badges and everything else that goes with them!

The brewery’s trajectory is on course for acceleration this year. Currently calling a double railway arch just off the Walworth Road home, they are expanding into the neighbouring archway and doubling the brewery’s footprint. Along with upgrading their equipment and adding another brewer into their small but tight team, Orbit will be making more unique and one-off brews than ever before.

To help them with the hugely exciting rebrand project, Orbit enlisted alcohol branding design agency ByVolume. Crucial to the whole process has been retaining and illustrating the brewery’s commitment to independence, their love of music and independent record labels, and their love of the classic beers of Europe and the associated branding. Orbit’s flagship beer is Nico, a German Koln style lager, named after the singer featured on that Velvet Underground album and whose family has been linked to the famous Cologne brewery, Pfafgen.

Orbit’s brewing style is distinct – even amongst the backdrop of the wonderfully crowded and lively brewing scene of London. Their core range of four beers has been arrived at through their experiences of drinking classic beer styles in pubs and breweries at the heart of Europe’s historic beer culture. They’ve already covered Cologne, Dusseldorf and Franconia, and Belgium is next on the agenda.

Robert Middleton, founder and owner of the brewery, says: “As a small, South London based, independently owned and operated brewery, we are as proud of our independence as we are of our core beers. Beers which we think are timeless in their adherence to balance and finesse. We hope you’ll continue to join us in drinking Orbit Beers as we continue to grow and evolve!”

Keep updated with Orbit Beers’ developments and on their Twitter page, and check out ByVolume’s article on the rebrand here.


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