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2nd February 2023

Points of Brew Episode 55 – The Home of Lager

In this episode of the Points Of Brew podcast, Stephen & Aaron are joined by Peter Kennelly, who is the Head of Sales for Pillars Brewery in London. As a lager-only brewery, Peter gives us a great insight into what it’s like working for a specialist company, in both sales & production, and the challenges Pillars regularly face too.

During this show, Stephen & Aaron try the gluten free Pilsner, the Icebock and the Barrel Aged Icebock, all of which are available on the Pillars’ webshop which can be found here: The beers were sent ahead of the recording, but this did not affect the feedback given during the show

Peter explains how the brewery has changed even during the time he has been there, with new horizontal conditioning tanks being recently installed, and their experimental ice conditioning process used during fermentation of the bocks we tried on the show. Huge thanks to Peter for joining us, and the lagers which Pillars are producing come highly recommended. For more info on Pillars, head to their social pages by searching ‘Pillars Brewery’ or checking out their website above.

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