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14th November 2022

Points of Brew Podcast: Episode 51 Save the National Brewery Centre

In this special roundtable episode, Stephen hosts a number of guests who have been affected by and campaigning against the closure of the National Brewery Centre in Burton Upon Trent.  In a recent decision taken by owners Molson Coors, following actions taken by Burton Council, the National Brewery Centre has now closed its doors, however local residents will not sit by quietly and allow this to go unnoticed.

Stephen is joined by Steven Blakemore (Former Volunteer & Campaigner), Jack Burrows (Former Volunteer & Campaigner), Richard Grosvenor (Local Councillor & Campaigner) and George Collins (Former Burton resident & Campaigner) who all share their opinions and experiences on the matter. Whilst the Centre may have closed, there is clearly still a chance to voice opinions against this closure to the council who, hopefully, may change their decision or at least go some way as to putting minds at rest regarding the collection of displays within the museum.

There is an active Facebook group with regular updates on the matter which can be joined here and protests arranged in an attempt to further the message and change the council’s decision. Thanks to all guests who joined on the show and to George for asking to us take part in this vitally important campaign helping persevere our national brewing heritage. The National Brewery Centre was a vitally important showcase of our brewing history & something to be proud of and, without it, the town will be much poorer for it.

Molson Coors were approached to appear on the show, however they did not respond to any of our requests.





The Points of Brew podcast is recorded and presented by Guild member, Stephen Carter.

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