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20th March 2024

Polly’s Brew Co Expands Core Range

Wales’ highest rated expands core output targeting national listings to compliment stellar independent output

Renowned Welsh brewery Polly’s Brew Co have announced that they will be upping their core offering from their central three – Floret, Little Petal, and Rosebud – up to six; including a lager, a gluten free pale ale and in a bold move, a cherry sour.

After launching their core range in October 2021 to rave reviews, the rapidly growing outfit from North-East Wales have decided to increase their permanent offerings to match demand from consumers for more consistency and recognisable brands. With three well-established core beers to date – their West Coast Pale Little Petal, Core IPA Rosebud, and flagship Pale Ale Floret already rooted into the market, Head of

Sales Arron Fellows assures that the beers they have built their excellent reputation and become known for – the brew once and seldom again model – will still be continuing with gusto, and these beers are simply an evolution of the brewery reacting to consumer trends:

Of course we will always have our Augment range that has carried the brewery since its incredibly well received launch back in 2019. This has been the backbone of which we’ve grown our brewery to a modern sophisticated set-up today looking after the livelihoods of fourteen incredibly talented team members, brewing up to eight times a week. As we’ve grown we’ve noticed a pretty gradual pivot away from relentless new beers every week to more demand for recognisable names from our brewing history, and the consistency that is fulfilled by our core range

He continues by noting that some pretty notable shifts have taken place since the pandemic and cost of living crisis have come into place, causing the brewery to shift their output accordingly:

During the peak of the pandemic, there was rabid demand for the hoppiest, the strongest, and most ridiculous pieces of alchemy we could produce. I think with every brewery in the country tending to do the same at the time, there were unfortunately a lot of bad examples of these styles that found their way into the wilderness, causing people to think twice about what they want to spend their money on. There’s a definite reason why Floret is our highest selling product bar none – people want familiarity and value for money in their beers”

Joining a refresh of their established output in April 2024, Polly’s are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of Cherry Fruited Sour at 4.5%, Pilsner Lager at 4.7%, and Pine Gluten Free Pale Ale at 5.1%. Bold in their choice of a Cherry Sour as a core offering, head brewer Angus Lally Morrison explains a little more to the beers as well as their reasoning for choosing a somewhat niche offering as a core product:

Pilsner – Lager Beer 4.7%

“It’s obvious that any brewery worth their salt intending to really take on the big listings across the country as we have aspirations to do would add a lager to their arsenal. We’ve always been a little shackled by the constraints of the brewery setup and the release schedule choking out anything that we can’t turn around within a few weeks from grain to glass. With the addition of some additional tank space to give us that additional lagering time, we’ve really grasped this one by the horns – nothing complicated, just a straight up, simple German lager with noble Hallertau Mittelfruh hops on the hot side no cold side hops! The result is going to be a clean, crisp lager; bready with a subtle floral edge.“

Pine – Gluten-free Pale Ale 5.1%

“Our Gluten Free Pale is a reactionary brew to ensure we’re casting our net out to as many drinkers as possible – for so long we’ve had to let people who can’t consume gluten products down and exclude them from our releases. With this beer we’ve been able to bring all those fresh, juicy, tropical checknotes that make a typical Polly’s pale

ale but accessible to those who can’t include gluten in their diet.”

Cherry – Fruited Sour 4.5%

“Our cherry sour is a personal highlight for me – a beer that was my inaugural recipe here at Polly’s is now part of our permanent output. A perfect bridge for those that might be frightened by the concept of beer in a traditional sense – aggressively masculine, off puttingly bitter, served in pints – who want to explore the wonderfully wide net that beer casts.

Spritzy, fruity and tart with a very slight savoury edge; we’re honoured to be one of the first big breweries to include a sour beer in their core lineup since Magic Rock’s legendary Salty Kiss”.

As with the majority of their beers, Polly’s will be pushing these new core beers through all regional craft beer distribution channels, as well as through their online trade store powered by Sellar, and their webstore.

Notes to editors

About Polly’s Brew Co:

Polly’s Brew Co is a small independent craft brewery, founded in 2018 by owner and managing director Sean Wheldon. From very humble beginnings as a two man operation initially brewing once every eleven days and packaging three times a month, they have grown to become a modern, sophisticated set up; brewing up to eight times a week in a brew space twelve times the size of their original brewery, looking after the livelihoods of fourteen incredibly talented team members. Rated as the number one brewery in Wales since their inception, their motto is to never stop improving, and to become the best brewery they possibly can be.

Please visit for further information about the brewery.

Media Contact

Arron Fellows 07782 559381

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