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17th November 2022

Powderkeg launch #GreenFriday

Exeter-based brewery Powderkeg is launching an eye-catching environmental initiative called Green Friday this November. Instead of offering a discount on their products over the last weekend of the month Powderkeg have pledged to give 20% of web sales to the Devon Environment Foundation.

The multi award-winning brewery has been making great strides on its sustainability journey over the last few years adopting fully recyclable packaging, investing in hybrid vehicles, reducing waste and re-using process items. Co-founder Jess Magill says

“As a small independent business much of our trade is done in the local area and it’s so important to us that we put as much back into the place where we live as we can.”

“The big challenges with the environment are well publicised; if we can all do a bit on our own patch hopefully that adds up to a solution for the bigger issues. The frenzied consumption of Black Friday has never sat well with us, so this year we wanted to see if we can use the platform to make a positive impact on our local environment.”

“But the problems aren’t so simple- it’s going to take more than planting trees to reverse the negative impact we’ve had on the landscape and biodiversity over the last century. The Devon Environment Foundation has an amazing advisory board of world-class experts who can really help us funnel the funding into the projects that are going to have the most impact.”

The Devon Environment Foundation has an ambition to protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030. This is achieved by supporting grassroots projects that regenerate nature, especially those that can be replicated and scaled across the county.

Executive Director Amanda Keetley said “Initiatives like Green Friday really help by raising funds and drawing attention to the vital work that is being done in our local area to protect and regenerate the environment. This all plays a part in flood prevention, carbon sequestration, reducing drought impact and generally lessening the impacts of climate change”

Rather than offer discounts to Powderkeg’s website customers, Green Friday effectively  makes a charity donation on their behalf so they can feel good about buying their beer, rather than the frenzy of consumerism encouraged by Black Friday, which doesn’t sit well with many people.

Powderkeg is encouraging other businesses to join them in the initiative, and it is hoped in coming years that Green Friday can make a huge difference to funding and awareness for environmental projects.

Visit Devon Environmental Fund for more about their projects. You can follow @powderkegbeer and @devonenviro on social media


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