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24th April 2024

Pulpt launches Signature Series in counter to bland, faceless corporate cider brands

New fashioned cider makers, Pulpt, have launched their new Signature Series – a range of periodic releases that showcases the full breadth of flavour and fun that craft cider can provide and throw down a challenge to macro cider makers.  To kick things off, Pulpt cofounders, Al Collar and Jim Wakefield, have selected Deuces Wild.  Weighing in at 7.9% alc, this is an intense, bold, dry and complex cider made from a single varietal – Chisel Jersey and a wild fermented blend, both from the 2021 season.  The Chisel is a renowned Somerset bittersweet apple, revered within cider making circles for the intensity of its tannins.  It’s not for the faint hearted and its not for the everyday cider drinker.

And this is precisely what Al and Jim have in mind for the Signature Series.  These are not ciders for the mainstream – these are ciders to start a conversation…or finish one.  These are ciders to change perceptions, alter reality or open the door to a whole new drinking experience.

Crucially, the Signature Series is an opportunity to show to the trade and consumers that Pulpt is simply two guys with a vision and a passion who are trying to change the way cider is perceived.  Al Collar says, “We operate in a space with a lot of macro cider makers thanks to our TESCO listings.  We understand it could be easy for people to view Pulpt as just another faceless corporate entity, so we devised the Signature Series to put me and Jim front and centre – quite literally on the can!”

The Signature Series further underlines some of the many challenges faced by the cider industry – some born by a challenging market, but many brought about by the larger makers.

Jim says, “We’re tired of cider being viewed as cheap or rough or only for the summer.

We’re frustrated by the lack of vision or aspiration amongst many.  And we think the lack of transparency and honesty amongst some within our industry does cider no favours.  That’s why we never use cheap, tasteless apple juice concentrate, we never use misleading language and we include the ingredients listing on our packaging.”

To further entrench the move away from traditional agricultural cider tropes and towards their passion for contemporary culture, Al and Jim have enlisted designer Tom Moore to create a design with a nod towards music and iconic album covers.  Tom says, “The designs were inspired by Pulpt’s punk-rock ethos; very much DIY and self-made. After initial design ideas, the guys were drawn to some bits I had done with their faces and I progressed them until we had arrived at the can art you see now. In the process, we discovered the Signature Series as a concept, and have some other designs already locked-in for later releases.”

There will be three further limited edition launches under the Signature Series banner from Pulpt during 2024, each one further demonstrating the playfulness, versatility and true innovation that can be achieved in the cider category.


Notes to Editors

Pulpt Ltd

Address: Cleers View Farm Barn, Somerton Hill, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9AD

Tel: 07969 213179 / 07973 877171



Facebook: pulpt cider

Instagram: @pulptcider

Deuces Wild launch details – where, when, pricing

Where – Crafty Fingers, Wedmore, Somerset as part of British Cider Week

When – 20/04/2023

Pricing – £6 per 440ml can

Deuces brand details – liquid stats

100% juice

2021 season single variety Chisel Jersey Bittersweet (83%)

2021 Wild fermented blend (17%)

Gently carbonated


ABV 7.9%

0.9997 SG

Contact: Al Collar, Jim Wakefield

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