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30th December 2013

Q1 Results from the Arran Brewery

The company reports trading has been challenging during the last three months as management attention was focused on the share launch, that said the company has managed year on year growth of 4% while profits were up 8% on the same period last year mainly caused by a rebalancing of the Supermarket to non-supermarket sales ratio.



The management attention has been on the share issue which managing director Gerald Michaluk described as “The launch took up a lot of management time and resources and now that it is out there, we need to market the offer if we are to emulate Brew Dogs success.  We will be further strengthen the team and have several new posts to fill not to mention the team to recruit for the new Loch Earn Brewery, Hotel and Visitor Centre ”.



The refurbishment of the company’s 35 bedroom hotel on Loch Earn moves forward at a pace and on track to open in April with the Loch Earn Brewery shortly afterwards.  However, things at the Rosebank site in Falkirk are at a standstill as resources have been diverted elsewhere and planning risk is accessed against costs involved in moving the project forward as the Council insists on definite the site as “abandoned” despite legal arguments from the Arran Brewery to the contrary. 



While the company stepped in to re-open the Pierhead Tavern a Punch owned pub forced to close on the Island of Arran.   Gerald mentions “It was not our intention to run a pub on the Island but we did not want to see one close and the site be developed for other purposes so we reluctantly stepped in.  We are using the site to develop and test our proposed pub chain management and administration systems and it has proved to be a great test bed, being quite enough, at this time of year, to allow the training of staff, development and modifications of standards and procedures but with enough real customers to try ideas out on”. 



The brewery’s shares are being offered at £80 each and the company hopes to raise £4m through this crowd funding initiative..  Further information in the form of a share offer document can be found on their website