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13th December 2021

New Book – Researching Craft Beer: Understanding Production, Community and Culture in an Evolving Sector

Decades of stagnating demand for beer and the emergence of global brewing conglomerates had seen many of Britain’s longstanding breweries disappear and a decline in the diversity of beer styles on offer. However, following similar developments in the USA and Australia, the emergence of new craft breweries in the UK, producing small batch beers in an ever-increasing range of styles has re-vitalised the industry. Supporting employment both within brewing and hospitality while contributing to the cultural and economic fabric of society, the emergence of this craft beer revolution deserves greater scholarly attention than it has received to date.

Researching Craft Beer enhances theoretical and practical understandings of craft beer both within the UK and beyond. This edited collection is interdisciplinary in nature and will appeal to a wide range of scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts of craft beer. Chapters authored from a range of business, sociology and law perspectives examine the production, sale, values, serving and cultural significance of craft beer. The volume offers insights for aspiring and present owners of breweries, those looking to open a craft beer bar as well as other beer researchers the volume offers a prescient assessment of historic, present, and likely future developments within the sector.

Edited By:

Daniel Clarke
University of Dundee, UK

Vaughan Ellis
Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Holly Patrick-Thomson
Edinburgh Napier University, UK

David Weir
University of Huddersfield, UK

Product Details:

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781800431850

Published: 13 Dec 2021

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

Dimensions: 256 pages – 152 x 229 x 18.568mm

More information available here:

Press release from Emerald Books