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30th January 2023

Round Corner Brewing Release 2023 Calendar

Award-Winning Brewery Announce Their Plans For The Year

MELTON MOWBRAY, 27th January 2023.

Round Corner Brewing have today released their 2023 Beer Release Calendar, showcasing their beer plans for the year ahead.

The award-winning Melton Mowbray brewery are planning to produce six brand-new beers and have also given a new name to their ‘limited edition’ beers, Market Editions, which takes inspiration from their home in the Melton Mowbray Livestock Market.

Market Edition beers will be released throughout the year, with each beer made available once as a one or two brew beer, meaning once they’re gone they won’t return again for 2023.

Standing strong for the brewery is their Core Range beers, which features five beers that are available throughout the year and never out of stock. These feature Frisby Lager, Steeplechase Pale Ale, Drovers Hazy Vermont Session IPA, Gunmetal Black Lager and their most recently launched Reverend Hooker Nitro Stout, which is available only on draught.

With the launch of the Round Corner Brewing 2023 Beer Calendar, it allows trade customers to plan their beer line up for the year ahead, while also securing any beer which might be small batch and at a premium.

While for retail customers, it enables the brewery to have open communication to build excitement for 2023, while also allowing them to plan what beers they’re eager to try.

View the Round Corner Brewing 2023 Beer Calendar –

Round Corner Brewing’s Head Brewer and Co-Founder, Colin Paige said: “We are excited by the year ahead, with some absolute cracking beers leading the line up. There are some noticeable changes with Reverend Hooker Nitro now a core range draught product. This decision has been made as we firmly believe it’s one of the best nitro beers available in the United Kingdom right now.

“For our Market Editions, we have some belters making a return, watch for an updated and refined 10 Hours in LA recipe as one of three New Zealand-centric beers this year. We are also fizzing that Donkey Jacket will be available in 330ml cans this year, making a change from last year’s 440ml can, alongside some recipe refinement.

“The brew team are currently working on a new Belgian Witbier recipe for spring release and 2023 is the year that we release our first sour beer! Certainly a busy year planned in the Round Corner Brewing brewhouse.”

Round Corner Brewing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Combie Cryan said: “To share our beer calendar with the public is an exciting time for us and one we’re delighted to talk about. This year’s plans are something everyone at Round Corner Brewing is thrilled about, with six new beers entering the plans. As a brewery we always set out to produce the best version of any beer we have planned, so we can’t wait to get started and try all of them this year, including our new ones.

“On Monday 23rd January we held a trade day where over 60 of our trade customers attended the brewery for a talk about the year ahead. It was the first time we shared our plan with anyone outside of the brewery and the reaction we received was magical.

“We have such a loyal customer base, in both trade and retail, so a lot of our decisions made for the year come from their feedback and desires for styles of beers. We feel it’s important to listen to them and take their advice on board. So, we’re hoping when they see this for the first time they’ll be as delighted as we are.”


Round Corner Brewing believes craft beer is all about the relentless pursuit of perfection and it’s this pursuit that drives the brewery to make Uncommonly Good Beer.

Founded in 2018 by Colin Paige and Combie Cryan, Round Corner Brewing have been awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at some of the most prestigious awards in the world. These include The European Beer Challenge, International Brewing Awards and The World Beer Awards. Most notably Round Corner Brewing were awarded the World’s Best Ale & Gold medal at The 2021 International Brewing Awards for their Pale Ale, Steeplechase.

In conjunction with the release, Round Corner would like to offer Guild Members the following, if interested:

What: Zoom Interview or Face-to-Face Interview

Who with: Combie Cryan & Colin Paige

When: At a time and date which would work for all parties.

Please use the contact details below.

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