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25th April 2023

Schofferhofer Watermelon and Mint Keg Launch

Following the tremendous reception to last summer’s Schöfferhofer Pineapple draught seasonal, we are excited to announce a new limited edition flavour for summer 2023: Schöfferhofer Watermelon and Mint.

Kegs of Schöfferhofer Watermelon and Mint go on sale exclusively to the independent On Trade this week as the brand continues to go from strength-to-strength in the UK. Sales of Schöfferhofer grew 50% year-on-year (YOY) over the past 12 months, with the Pineapple flavour having a dramatic impact, contributing 43% of the brand’s overall growth across the summer months.

Schöfferhofer Watermelon and Mint is expected to perform similarly, with this incredible summer drink combining a little each of bitter, sweet and sour. The sweet watermelon and refreshing mint come together to create a deliciously fun experience.

The new draught release for the On Trade follows hot on the heels of last month’s release of Schöfferhofer  Pineapple in cans, exclusively for the independent Off Trade. The new SKU has proved enormously successful, with Pineapple making up 50% of overall can sales for Schöfferhofer in the past 4 weeks.

We are passionate about the independent bars, pubs, shops and restaurants that make up the overwhelming majority of our customer base. We’re delighted to be able to support those venues with two exciting and exclusive new product launches for Schöfferhofer, as the original Grapefruit continues to surge in popularity.

For further details, please feel free to get in touch.