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27th April 2023

Snowmoon Brewing to launch with a focus on bright, hoppy beers

Snowmoon Brewing is launching in May as the project of London-based Joon Chung and Oli Edmonds. The long-time friends’ dream of starting a brewery together was boosted last year by Joon winning Elusive Brewing and The Malt Miller’s West Coast IPA competition, the prize for which was to release a beer with Elusive as a platform for a brewery launch. That beer is Moonrise Cold IPA, officially launching on 13th May at All Good Beer in Hackney Downs.

A Cold IPA was decided on to launch the brewery as the ideal marriage of the brewers’ passion and strong track record across a range of IPA and lager styles. “When we started developing the recipe, very few Cold IPAs had been released in the UK so we set off in a direction based on a lot of research and certain amount of instinct.” say the pair. “From the first batch we could see there was something in it; the interaction of pilsner malt, modern hops and lager yeast creates bright hop expressions with a distinct drinkability worthy of building a brand around.”

“The final recipe for Moonrise layers a classic west coast hop profile on a lean, crisp grain bill of pilsner malt and rice. The light base provides the ideal platform for the deep citrus and piney tones of the hops and a dry, bitter finish ensures a lasting impression of hoppiness and maximum drinkability.”

Snowmoon plan to take up a local cuckoo brewing opportunity where they will focus on exploring and evolving the alchemy of hops and lager yeast, while also looking to expand their range into other styles via one-off releases and special collaborations. Another top-tier collab with sour beer icons Pastore has already been announced for later in the year.

Find out more on Twitter and Instagram under Snowmoonbrew or contact them at for any trade enquiries.

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