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19th October 2015

Spirit of The Past in New Brewing Venture

Boudicca logo

An iconic part of Norfolk’s rich past has proved an inspiration for a new brewing venture in the county.  The newly founded Boudicca Brewing Company is taking inspiration from the Celtic culture and artefacts of the Iceni, and their legendary queen.


As well as an independent view and a drive to produce really good, distinctive, quality beers, the core parts of the Boudicca Brewing Company’s ethos are sustainability and inclusivity.  To that end, the beers are produced from organic ingredients, and vegan. Furthermore, gluten free beers are planned.


The Boudicca Brewing Company has been founded by friends Helen and Simon St Ruth and Emma Pinder who are all passionate about real ale, as well as members of the Norwich and Norfolk branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).  Simon commented “Beer isn’t ever going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but we are making our beers suitable for as many people as possible”.


Head brewer at Boudicca Brewing Company will be Andy Mitchell, a professional and award winning brewer of many years’ experience, and formerly proprietor of Spectrum Brewery in South Norfolk.


The decision to produce vegan beers and, therefore, not use isinglass finings, which are made from the swim bladders of fish, was a straightforward one as Andy explains “There’s more to it than just the vegan and inclusivity aspects.  Isinglass also removes some of the flavour and aroma of a beer.  Not using it results in a more flavoursome pint”.


The name Boudicca (pronounced /ˈbuːdɨkə/) was chosen in honour of the strong, independent Queen of the Iceni people from the East of England who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in Britain.  She led the Iceni to several victories over the Romans before finally being defeated.  She was never captured by the Romans, and her fate is unknown.


The logo for the Boudicca Brewing Co. features a torc inspired by the golden necklaces which were a sign of status and power in the Celtic world to which Boudicca belonged.




Several of these torcs were found as part of the Snettisham hoard discovered in a field in Norfolk.


A feature of the torc in the logo is the dragon head design to reflect the long historical link between dragons and Norwich.


The beers will be named after Iceni artefacts and other important items and places in Norfolk’s rich heritage.


The first beer to have been brewed is Spiral Stout, named after the common spiral designs found on coins and artefacts from the Iceni period.  It’s a 4.6% ABV, traditional, full bodied beer with flavours of dark autumnal berries, coffee, dark chocolate and a gentle, lingering dry roast finish with a hint of smoke.  Spiral Stout will be available at the King’s Head pub, Magdalen Street, Norwich on the launch evening of Boudicca Brewing Company, Thursday 22nd October 2015.


Spiral Stout will also be available at this year’s Norwich Beer Festival which takes place at The Halls, Norwich from Monday 26th to Saturday 31st of October.  Andy, who regularly volunteers at the Norwich Beer Festival, said “The Norwich Beer Festival coincides with Samhain, the Celtic new year.  We all feel this is the perfect way to celebrate the start of a new brewing venture, particularly one named after Boudicca herself”.


Further Boudicca Brewing Co. brews are planned including Golden Torc, a hoppy, golden ale, a traditional bitter called Three Tails, as well as seasonal and gluten free beers.





Simon St Ruth, Director: M: 07864 321732; Email:

Helen St Ruth, Director: Email:

Emma Pinder, Director: M: 07864 321733; Email:

Andy Mitchell, Brewer: M: 07949 254383; Email:


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Twitter: @BoudiccaBrewing

Facebook: Boudicca Brewing