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28th January 2022

Stella Artois Unfiltered launches exclusively with PerfectDraft

Stella Artois has launched their brand new beer- Stella Artois Unfiltered- exclusively onto PerfectDraft this week.

As a brand with a 600 year legacy and an expert in traditional brewing methods, Stella Artois is proud to bring this naturally unfiltered lager into the world. Launching exclusively for the PerfectDraft community before rolling out to the wider trade in March.

Stella Artois Unfiltered speaks to the rich heritage of unfiltered beers across Europe and particularly in Belgium, where Stella Artois originated.

People drink beer with their eyes, and in the last couple of hundred years ultra-clear beers, which had been filtered removing yeast and small proteins, were the most popular due to appearance and familiarity. Unfiltered beer is quite simply beer that has not been filtered, nothing has been removed, allowing for a more complex flavour and aroma – all at 5% ABV. Flavour molecules attach themselves to these proteins during fermentation, so leaving them in produces a greater roundness and mouthfeel, whilst still retaining a crisp, refreshing taste.


PerfectDraft is the best way to serve beer at home. It is is an all-in-one machine that serves the best beer you’ll get at home. Using easy-to-use technology, PerfectDraft chills six-litre kegs down to 3º, ready to be served. Beer stays stay fresh for 30 days. There are more than 50 beers to choose from over the year, whether that’s a Belgian classic or a crisp lager, a hoppy IPA or a refreshing wheat beer.

PerfectDraft uses recyclable aluminium kegs, and after they’re finished, the kegs are collected, and £5 in beer tokens are deposited in the customer’s BeerHawk account.

Be among the first to try this new beer from Stella Artois here:

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