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25th March 2021

Submit your sustainability initiatives on

Dear everyone operating along the beer value chain,

Brewing is central to a circular European economy and our progress goes hand-in-hand with the aims of the new European Green Deal.

Sustainability may be a buzz word today but environmental responsibility has been engrained in the beer value chain for many, many years. The beer sector today innovates, leads by example and brings people together for sustainability.

That is why The Brewers of Europe has set up a database to compile all the best sustainability practices in which brewers, their suppliers and their distributors have been engaged in the last years.

Please take a moment to share with us your case studies by completing the following form – – all we need are short descriptions and images that can help bring the initiative to life and allow us to promote it to a broader audience.


After a check-through, your examples will be uploaded to the website that forms the heart of our campaign for brewing green. We will integrate the case studies into the activities of The Brewers of Europe, culminating on 4 June with the fourth day of The Brewers of Europe Forum, focused on environmental sustainability.

Please share this message with your companies, members and partners throughout the beer value chain.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Brewers of Europe Team



Press release from The Brewers of Europe

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