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25th September 2014

Support Grows for Cyclops from publicans and beer drinkers


71% cask ale licensees are aware of Cyclops

The new Cask Report, which is published today, shows that one third of drinkers and 71% of cask ale publicans are aware of the Cyclops Beer accreditation scheme. The Cask Report also reveals that over 90% of real ale drinkers and publicans who are aware of Cyclops believe it is clear and helpful.


Cyclops is an accreditation scheme for beer which shows in simple terms the look, aroma and taste of each beer and measures its bitterness and sweetness. It was set up to help demystify beer and encourage more people to try it.


The research shows that as well as a growing awareness of the scheme, there is also a great deal of support for it. 91% of male cask ale drinkers and 92% of cask ale publicans who are aware of Cyclops feel it is clear and helpful.


According to the Cask Report, this new research suggests that “Cyclops should be given much greater publicity by the trade, both as a tool for bar staff and an educational resource for drinkers.”


Speaking for Cyclops Beer, Stephen Gould said “I would urge all breweries to take notice of this research and use Cyclops to promote their beer more effectively to consumers. Cyclops represents a major opportunity for brewers to sell their beer and we can now demonstrate that there is a real groundswell of support of it. Beer drinkers and licensees clearly want to see Cyclops tasting notes at the point of purchase in pubs.”


This boost in support from both drinkers and licensees comes at a time when Cyclops has accredited a record number of beers, with tasting notes available for 1919 beers from 307 breweries. Eligibility for accreditation has recently expanded to include keg beer and lager, as well as cask ale. Tasting notes can be found at and breweries, pubs and wholesalers also use these as a sales tool and for staff training.


It also comes after CAMRA revealed recently that 68% of real ale drinkers would try more varieties of real ale if brief tasting notes appeared on pump clips and that 18% of people who have never tried real ale before would be encouraged to do so.  Young adults were most enthusiastic with 44% of 18-24 year olds saying they would give real ale a go if provided with this information.




For more information please contact Louise Ashworth on 07740 844733

Notes for Editors:

·         307 breweries use Cyclops Beer accreditation

·         1919 real ales have been accredited by Cyclops Beer

·         Cyclops Beer was established in 2006 by a number of industry bodies. It is run by the Cyclops Beer Board and is a not-for-profit company.

·         The Cyclops Board consists of Everards Brewery, Cask Marque, SIBA and CAMRA

·         Breweries pay an assessment fee and provide samples for testing

  • All beers are tested by independent assessors at Everards who then produce tasting notes

       Cask Report Research: Base: male cask ale drinkers, publicans stocking cask ale.

Source: Cardinal Research for the Cask Report, July 2014