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2nd December 2020

The Female Gueuze beer blog is now live

The Female Gueuze is here to champion diverse personalities within the beer industry and to empower others to join.

Welcome to what they hope will become a scrapbook of personalities, long reads and advice from within the independent beer industry.

The Name

Our name “‘The Female Gueuze’ stems from the notable idea of the male gaze from British Film Theorist, Laura Mulvey.

“The Male Gaze theory, in a nutshell, is where women in the media are viewed from the eyes of a heterosexual man, and that these women are represented as passive objects of male desire.” Film Inquiry, 2015.

The female gaze has been a term used over recent years in response to this theory to “describe art that subverts the ubiquitous male perspective” The Guardian, 2020.

We’ve adapted this term for our own use with the word ‘gueuze’ to create a lens to view beer through different perspectives, to represent the tapestry that is the beer industry and wider community, to hopefully welcome others and to champion purposeful projects.

A Gueuze is a centuries-old Belgian beer style made from blending one, two and three year old Lambics which are spontaneously fermented wild ales: “The ‘young’ Lambic contains fermentable sugars while ‘old’ lambic has the characteristic “wild” taste of the Senne River valley.” BJCP, 2015.

Gueuze: pronounced “G’ugh-zz” or simply “Gerz” works too, we’ve pronounced it all sorts of different ways over the years we’ve been drinking and working in beer.

Yes, it provides us some great word play but it’s quite apt that the beer is made by blending different beers together. A metaphor if you will for the diverse personalities in the beer, drinks and pub industries.

Press release from Sarah Sinclair

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