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5th March 2012

The Homebrew Handbook – 75 recipes for the aspiring backyard brewer

Publication Date:  April 2012                                      Price: £14.99, hb

Many love beer but why do so few of us brew our own?

The Homebrew Handbook is here to put that right, with 75 recipes for full-flavoured brews.

Containing recipes for beers from across the globe including Belgian dubbels, British porters, US IPAs and Czech pilsners, The Homebrew Handbook will explain in detail all the intricacies of the full-mash, all-grain brewing process. Starting with the basics such as the essential equipment used and ingredients required (malt, hops, yeast and water), discover how they work together before moving on to the fundamentals of brew science and finishing with troubleshooting tips to ensure you end up with a beer you can be proud of.

This book will help you to master the necessary elements and encourages you to experiment and produce delicious beers that are unique to you. After all, homebrewing is how some of the best microbreweries started, so why not follow their lead? And with expert advice gathered from years of beer making, The Homebrew Handbook is the essential reference for anyone wanting to start their own backyard brewery.

So whether you like a hoppy, crisp finish or a malt and chocolate taste, The Homebrew Handbook is sure to help you find your ideal beer.


From his south London pub, Dave Law has been at the forefront of the fight against homogenised, tasteless, mass-produced beer; refusing to bow down to the bland and insisting on serving craft beers produced by the finest microbreweries in Britain, Europe and the US. His passion for a well-made beer knows no bounds, and he lovingly brews his own exquisite ales and also runs beer festivals promoting a selection of the best ales known to man.

Beshlie Grimes is a firm advocate of the self-sufficient lifestyle. She lives on a small farm in the English countryside with her husband, five children, cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, chickens and more. Always willing to turn her hand to anything, she makes everything from beers and wines to liqueurs and smoked meats. Beshlie has been producing beers and other drinks for her family and friends for as long as she can remember using produce from her farm. Beshlie is also the author of Making Wines, Liquers, and Cordials (CICO Books) where she shares her collection of delicious recipes gathered from years spent happily experimenting in her kitchen.


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The Homebrew Handbook by Dave Law and Beshlie Grimes is published by CICO Books at £14.99, hb, and available from all good bookshops or call 01256-302699.