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3rd December 2020


German design, brewed in Suffolk

Suffolk-based brewery The Krafty Braumeister have launched Krafty’s Blondie, a new blonde lager brewed using barley malts from Suffolk. Krafty’s version of the artisanal Munich Helles is rich golden in colour. It has the character of lightly toasted bread and a light sweetness. The result is a very tasty, easy drinking thirst quencher.

The Krafty Braumeister is a German brewery based in Leiston, Suffolk. They handcraft beers in small batches using traditional German brewing techniques. Krafty follows the German purity law of brewing (Reinheitsgebot), meaning that the only ingredients they use are malted grains, hops, yeast and water. All of Krafty’s beers are vegan friendly and free from added sugars and supplements.

The Krafty Braumeister was founded by Uli Schiefelbein in 2018. Uli’s love for brewing began when he was working in Baghdad, where the only available beers were canned, stored at temperatures above 40°C and brewed under license of two of the world’s biggest breweries. There was only one solution: to brew his own. Uli came to Suffolk in 2013 because of his wife Auriol. After studying historical German beer-styles and learning professional brewing in the UK they opened The Krafty Braumeister.

There are four main steps that The Krafty Braumeister does differently to most other breweries. Krafty freshly grind the malt grains on brewing day. This process ensures that the grains’ full flavour ends up in the beer and doesn’t evaporate through long storage. Krafty then use step-infusion to prolong the brewing process and make sure that all the sugars within the grains get into the beer. During mashing, temperatures are increased in stages, ranging from approximately 40°C to 78°C.

All of Krafty’s beers are pure beer. The sugars found in the beers are solely produced from the grains. They do not add chemicals to speed up the fermentation process, nor do they add finings to clear up the beer’s appearance. Krafty’s beers are also not filtered to ensure that all the natural full flavours and aromas are maintained. Before decanting into bottles and kegs, Krafty adds fresh yeast and unfermented wort into the fermenting vessel, a process called ‘Kraeusening’. This continues the carbonation process and ensures that carbon dioxide is produced naturally in the bottle, which adds refreshing fizziness.

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