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2nd March 2022

The UK’s Longest Pub Crawl Toast To 22,000 Pubs!

22,000 Pub visit the Featherbed in Shrewsbury

The Midlands-based group, aptly named the ‘Black Country Ale Tairsters’, are now into their 37th year and, whilst Covid delayed their progress, they have been slowly racking up the pub visits again since restrictions eased across the hospitality sector.

Marking their 22,000th visit at the Featherbed, Shrewsbury; this achievement goes beyond personal records and also marks the achievement of the most pubs visited by one group across the UK. Led by West Bromwich born and bred, Pete Hill, the group made up of 15 lifelong friends and family, originally started off by wanting to visit all of Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries (now Marston’s) pubs but has since grown with a challenge to have at least a pint in every single pub in the UK. Pete’s meticulous record-keeping includes a designated room in his house for hand-written documents including chronological records of all pubs visited, travel itineraries, what and how many pints were drunk and monies donated all support a 37 year dedication to the group.

Pete has continually bought the group together over the years on all types of expeditions including drinking in The Old Forge pub in Inverie – the most remote pub in the UK and does so all the name of charity; asking each Publican for a £1 donation that goes towards a number of Midland -based charities. So far over £38,000 has been raised and donated by the group.

Whilst Covid not only had a direct impact on the group, they also witnessed the wider struggle of the British pub landscape. With all of this in mind, they knew they wanted to get back out there to showcase and celebrate a vibrant and welcoming pub community all over the UK.

Pete added on the day: “It’s great isn’t it, to be back doing what we love most. We never thought in a million years that we would get to 200 pubs let alone 22,000 of them especially over the last 18 months but we are here and what a way to celebrate.

We have got busy few months ahead and a lot of catching up to do if we want to get round to all of the UK pubs but if we have got this far, then we can definitely do the rest.”

Sharon Singh, Operations Director for Marston’s added: “We have been following Pete and the Black Country Ale Tairsters challenge since Wolverhampton and Dudley Brewery days and to see what they have achieved, not only personally but also for charity is really heart-warming to see. Their support for the pub industry is unwavering and we are just glad to be part of their journey with them.”

With an estimation of just over 47,000 pubs in the UK* the UK’s biggest pub crawl is set to continue for the Black Country Ale Tairsters.


Editors Notes:

*Statistics correct as of 2019 and verified via House of Commons library

For more information on Pete and the Black Country Ale Tairsters, the link below takes you to an award-winning documentary made about them which launched across national film festivals in 2017. All credit and copyright to Director, Ross Harrison ( –


Marston’s is a leading pub operator with a 40% holding share in Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company

It operates an estate of c.1,500 pubs situated nationally and compromising of managed, retail, franchised and leased pubs

The company employs around 12,000 people

Press release from Marston’s

For more information about Marston’s (originally Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries) please contact Lauren Hagan on