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24th June 2021

Thousands of pubs will ‘Cheers’ Volunteers on Thank You Day

Over 3,000 pubs and breweries across the UK have already pledged to “Cheers” volunteers on ‘Thank You Day’ – Sunday 4th July.

Beer for good company, The Good Beer Co, has teamed up with Royal Voluntary Service and the Together Coalition to recruit pubs and breweries across the UK to take part in a nationwide ‘Cheers for Volunteers’.

Already, 16 million Brits are planning to take part in the country’s first ever national Thank You Day on Sunday the 4th of July. According to new polling by ICM 16.3 million Brits expect to mark the day in their communities . This would make the day the biggest mass participation event since the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Members of the public are being encouraged to mark the days in numerous different ways from picnics to BBQs, outdoor parties to drinks at their local pub or brewery , while of course sticking to Covid guidelines.

At 5pm a “Cheers for volunteers”, led by Ross Kemp and Royal Voluntary Service is encouraging people to raise a glass at their pubs or brewery, or a cuppa with their neighbours.

The initiative is already backed by thousands of pubs across the country. Ross Kemp who has joined Royal Voluntary Service to encourage people to say “Cheers For Volunteers” at 5pm, said:

“I’m going to be taking part in ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ in my local that weekend. We’ve all been through a grim 18-months but our community spirit is one of the things that has kept us going. I’m going to raise a glass to everyone who has helped our communities get this far.”

The idea of Thank You Day came from a grassroots campaign to hold the country’s biggest ever thank you party in our local communities as a way of thanking each other and of building on the community spirit that so many felt during lock down.

Regan Hirst (24) from Doncaster, has been volunteering with Royal Voluntary Service’s Doncaster Dementia Support service for two years. Despite many of the activities moving online, Regan has continued to support clients and carers to whom her support is invaluable.

She said “I started volunteering to feel like I was doing something to help. After I finished my art degree, I wanted to train as an art therapist and felt like volunteering with the Dementia Service was a great first step. You don’t volunteer for yourself, but my voluntary work has been the most fulfilling of my life. I have been hosting virtual art classes and am so pleased to be back doing garden and home visits.”

From the idea being launched just a month ago the campaign has won huge support from hundreds of organisations ranging from the NHS to the Scouts and from high profile individuals including Gary Lineker, Michael Sheen, Dame Judi Dench, Raheem Sterling and many more.

Catherine Johnstone CBE, Chief Executive at Royal Voluntary Service said: “The acts of kindness and determination we have seen from volunteers during the pandemic have been nothing short of amazing. The Cheers for Volunteers on Thank You Day is a fantastic way to celebrate the volunteer effort and thank them for all they have done. We are especially grateful for the support from pubs and breweries and are excited to see the ways the industry helps us to say thank you on the 4th July. We will be listening out for the bells at 5pm!”

The ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ beer industry push is being coordinated by The Good Beer Co and is already supported by over fifty breweries,  and organisations including Punch Taverns, Adnams, Toast Ale, the British Beer and Pub Association and the Society of Independent Breweries. A beer will be available in pubs and breweries on the day in an alcoholic and alcohol-free version.

James Grugeon, founder of The Good Beer Co who are the masterminds behind the ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ beer said:  “Pubs and breweries are cornerstones of our communities, bringing people together every day of the week, every week of the year. And, particularly with the news of restrictions extending for another four weeks, not many this year have had it tougher. Thank You Day and ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ is inviting customers around the UK to get down to their local and raise a glass to say thank you to the selfless people who have given their time and expertise to help us through the year, and perhaps donate a few quid the RVS too.”

Emma McClarkin, CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: “We are delighted to lend our support to ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ and really pleased to see pubs across Britain getting behind a toast to hard working volunteers in their local communities.”

Fergus Fitzgerald, Head Brewer at Adnams said: “This is a really great way to thank volunteers for everything they have done and are still doing to support our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud to support ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ and I’m looking forward to raising a glass at one of our pubs on National Thank You Day.”

Pubs and breweries are being encouraged to sign up, download a special Thank You Day Pub Pack and start planning their celebration and help spread the love by sharing the campaign on social media.

Here’s how they can get involved:

1. Sign up at
2. Download a Thank You Day Pub Pack at
3. Start planning and promoting their celebration
4. Help spread the love by joining our Give3Cheers social media campaign! (See Thank You Day Pub Pack for details)


Notes to Editors:

For more information on Thank You Day, visit


Press release from The Good Beer Co

For any questions on the pubs and breweries taking part in Cheers for Volunteers contact James Grugeon at The Good Beer Co at and on (+61) 459092923

For any questions on Thank You Day contact Adam McNicholas at and on (+44) 07968 356 811

For any questions on “Cheers for Volunteers” contact Mel Garfield at Royal Voluntary Service at and on (+44) 07834 653353