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1st April 2015

Three quarters of pub goers say they are as important as post offices and community centres

CAMRA logoA pub is just as important to community life as a post office, local shop of community centre, according to new statistics released today to mark the start of Community Pubs Month, run by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

The CAMRA survey has found 75 per cent of pub goers* believe a well-run community pub is as important to community life as other local services.

The important role pubs play in local communities makes it even more vital to reverse the decline in numbers and a net closure rate which sees 29 pubs per week close for good.

 “Pubs are unique in their ability to bring together all sides of a community in one single welcoming environment. A well-run pub which engages with its surrounding community – whether that is via charity events, family fun days, live music or quizzes – will not only help to remain popular and profitable, it will also be viewed as something of real value to locals.” Tim Page, CAMRA Chief Executive.

CAMRA report a slight increase in the percentage of pub-goers who believe in the importance of community pubs, when compared to the same question asked in January 2013 – where 73%** believed a pub was as important as a post office, local shop or community centre.

Engaging with the local community can also lead a pub to commercial success and critical acclaim. The Salutation Inn in Gloucestershire was this year named the best pub in the country, with judges commenting that it was the warm welcome and community focus – as well as the top class real ale – that won them over. One judge commented “what struck me most was the welcome – as if I was being invited into a private house as a friend”, that same judge – Abigail Newton, CAMRA National Director – later added, “What Peter and Claire have done in the short time they have been running the pub is nothing short of staggering and goes to show that passion, enthusiasm, and a real love of beer are hugely important when running a pub.”

CAMRA’s Community Pubs Month runs throughout April and is expected to involve more than 7,000 pubs across the UK, who will be hosting community focussed events such as charity fun days, barbecues, quizzes and live music events in an effort to remind customers just what makes having a local pub so valuable.


For more information contact the CAMRA Press Office on 01727 798443 or email Press Manager Neil Walker on

How pubs can get involved

CAMRA is urging licensees to sign up for Community Pubs Month and organise events during April in an effort to increase trade and promote the importance of pubs to our communities.

  • Visit to download the free posters to promote Community Pubs Month and any events you might have running throughout April.
  • Email to allow CAMRA to help promote your Community Pubs Month activity nationally and through your local CAMRA branch.

* TNS CAPI Omnibus Survey Jan 2015
** TNS CAPI Omnibus Survey Jan 2013