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24th October 2018

Issue 20 of Original Gravity magazine released

The 20th edition of the free beer magazine Original Gravity has been released in print and online.

15,000 copies of the magazine are being distributed in London, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester, as well as other selected venues and to a long list of individual subscribers. It is also free to read online here:

The theme for this issue is time and memory. Editor Adrian Tierney-Jones writes: “Boak and Bailey have seized upon the Portuguese word saudade, which describes a vague, melancholy yearning for something/someone/somewhere that has been lost, or is slipping away, and applied it in their own distinctive way to beer. Pete Brown investigates the fifth (or missing) ingredient of beer — time — something which it is all too easy to forget about in this world of Sunny Delight-lookalike IPAs, whose brewers call for them to be drank as soon as the can is brought home.

“Talking of time it’s 100 years since the war to end all wars came to an end and Katrien Bruyland tells the tale of that most enduring of Belgian beers Duvel (and also manages to uncover an intriguing connection it has with Leffe). Elsewhere San Francisco and Belfast’s pubs are celebrated with gusto, I try to understand what led me to end up writing about beer and we celebrate heritage beers and anatomise porter.”

The publisher would like to thank all the partners who supported this issue: The Rake, Lost & Grounded, Camden Town Brewery, Fourpure Brewing Co, Burning Sky, Real Ale, Yeastie Boys, Five Points Brewery, Beer Hawk, Windsor & Eton and Minibrew.

Issue 21 of Original Gravity will be out in January and every two months from then on. For all advertising enquiries please contact