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28th January 2022

United Kingdom Beverage Industry Professionals Join Craft Beer Marketing Awards’ Global Judges Panel as it Expands Over 500

Unique Worldwide Awards Program Extends Entry Deadline to Valentine’s Day Due to COVID Surge

The Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS) has expanded its worldwide judges panel to include over 500 beverage and beer industry professionals in 24 countries, marking a true milestone in its third year. 63 UK based judges have joined the panel this year.

Judges from United Kingdom:

  • Ralph Steadman
    • Shane McNamara
    • Will Keating (Ireland)
    • Anne-Sophie Bigot (Ireland)
    • Fergal Murray (Ireland)
    • Laura Hadland
    • Vinny Rosario
    • Sarah Sinclair
    • James Goulding
    • Russ Clarke
    • Logan Woodbridge
    • Holleigh Stevenson
    • Barbara Gibson
    • Katie Arabella Ward
    • Chris Black
    • Sinead Kennard
    • George Rice
    • Ben Garwood
    • Matt Burns
    • Francesca Cubeddu
    • Nick Britton
    • Liam Senior
    • Luis Coutinho
    • Adam Robertson
    • Justin Rivett
    • Mitch Adams
    • Yousef Doubooni
    • Al Hobson
    • Dean Brightman
    • Joe Arguello
    • Dan Pullen
    • Jason Gagnon
    • Jason Bolger
    • Emma Inch
    • Jacopo Mazzeo
    • Jamie Percival
    • David Laird
    • Dipak Nayar
    • Joelle Drummond
    • Tom Maya
    • Ben Jones
    • Andre de Aleida
    • Amber Carnegie
    • Gabriele Bertucci
    • Sam Murray
    • Adrian Tierney-Jones
    • Charlie Markland
    • Anthony Gladman
    • Helen Hartley
    • James Kellow
    • Migy Blanco
    • Rob Draper
    • Brendan Williams
    • Shaun Thompson
    • Richard Clark
    • Sean Robertson
    • Derek White
    • Tom Cornfoot
    • Emily Alexandra
    • Sara Robb
    • Chloe Bathgate
    • Pete Hill
    • Darren Norbury

“We’re excited to welcome more than 500 judges from all around the world to this year’s panel, all professionals in brewing, marketing, design, and beyond,” said Jackie DiBella, CBMAS Co-Founder. “We appreciate their volunteer support to visually critique and rank the entries. We can’t wait to see who Crushed It in 2022!”

Other well-known Judges who have returned or recently joined include Ralph Steadman, David Carson, Zane Lamprey, Jon Contino, Tara Nurin, Matt Furman, Harry Schuhmacher, Megan Stone, and Keith Villa, among others.

Due to the recent COVID Omicron surge, the CBMAS is extending the deadline for the 2022 awards season entry deadline for worldwide craft beer–related marketing and design entries to February 14, 2022.

“While entries are pouring in from all over the world, many have asked for more time to enter due to COVID-related staffing issues and delays, and we totally get it” said Jim McCune, CBMAS Co-Founder. “Happy Valentine’s Day to beer lovers worldwide.”

The CBMAS is now in its third season. Founded in 2019, this is the only global awards competition to celebrate and focus on the growing importance of craft beer marketing and design strategy as a key to success in standing out among other brands on the market shelf. The CBMAS expanded its industry significance as a leading expert in marketing trends with the presentation of a marketing seminar at the 2021 Craft Brewers Conference, as well as by recognizing influential beer industry insiders with its “People of the Year” Award. And, as a way to make its voice literally heard, the CBMAS has launched a podcast, Marketing on Tap, sponsored by EGC Group.

Entries are open to anyone involved in marketing within the brewing industry around the world—including cider and hard seltzer, and mead. Breweries, their agencies, artists, and marketing partners are all invited to enter their work.

The 2022 CBMAS encompass over 40 categories that cover all aspects of brew marketing—from labels to logos and tap handles to taprooms. Eleven new categories have been added by popular suggestion, and returning this year are the popular “Sustainability–Environmental Awareness” and “Human Rights” categories.

The CBMAS’ judging process is a robust, credible, and transparent digital scoring system that’s ranked by an influential and respected worldwide panel of more than 500 beer, marketing, and design experts.

The CBMAS’ presenting sponsor—for the third year in a row—is Hillebrand, the world’s leading global beverage logistics company. Prabh Hans, VP of Domestic Services for Hillebrand North America—headquartered in Houston, TX—was a strong supporter from the start.

“It’s awesome to see how the CBMAS have grown,” said Hans. “What an amazing platform, connecting brewers around the world, and celebrating their creativity. We can’t wait to see who is awarded a prestigious Crushie award as recognition for their passion-fueled work this year!”

Many design companies and agencies are taking notice and submitting their work. This truly underscores the CBMAS’ focus on the growing importance of creative art and design in packaging and brand building as marketing tactics for brewers to stand out in today’s ever-growing and competitive marketplace. Chicago, IL-based INX, an international ink company, has returned as a sponsor this year.

“As an integral part of the metal decorating and packaging industry, INX International is excited to be a part of the CBMAS,” said Sarah Jacks, Manager, INX Color Perfection®. “What a fantastic way to give recognition to the talent that so many brands have brought to the craft market! We can’t wait to see the impressive branding, designs, and hard work that this year’s applicants bring to the competition!”

The upcoming awards celebration will take place during the week of the 2022 Craft Brewers Conference in May in Minneapolis, MN. For additional information and continued updates, visit


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