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24th November 2015


New Wadworth pump clips
New Wadworth pump clips

Brewers Wadworth have given the pump clips for their core range a sleek new look with a re-style that introduces a contemporary edge designed to appeal to the younger drinker, whilst still retaining the heritage and authenticity of the individual ales. New clips for 6X, Bishops Tipple, Wadworth IPA, Horizon and Swordfish will start to appear in a few selected pubs before Christmas and will become more generally available from January 2016.

“The new pump clip range is an exciting development for Wadworth,” says Product Marketing Manager Ellie Alderton.

“Our beers are as richly rewarding as you would expect from one of the oldest established craft brewers, but their image at the bar needs refreshing as the traditional style of pump clip has begun to look rather staid and unexciting. So we have completely re-thought and re-styled the clips, choosing a dynamic new shape with a clear, domed surface to reflect the premium quality of our ales.


“Of course, along with a premium product modern drinkers are also looking for a premium experience that can’t be replicated at home – with the look and feel of the pump clip very much a part of this.  Research suggests that some 70% of the decision to choose a particular beer is made on the look of the pump clip, so to get the design right is absolutely crucial to the success of any ale. The new core range pump clips are all the same shape but retain the individual colours and hallmarks associated with the individual brands. This means that those new customers who are drawn to Wadworth ales will quickly be able to identify others in the range, whilst our existing customers will still be able to pick out the beers they know and love.’’




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