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1st June 2018

Waterstones supports Guild members during City of Ale

Ben Richardson, Waterstones Norwich manager; Pete Brown, Roger Protz and Adrian Tierney-Jones. Photo: Frances Brace

Thanks to Guild members who wrote back to us about getting their books featured during City of Ale.

Waterstones, Norwich have been brilliant and supportive throughout – they went above and beyond to give promotion to beer writers and set up a fantastic display in their window, in the store and at the City of Ale Launch.

As well as supporting with a books display, they also hosted a beer tasting and books evening which saw guild members Roger Protz, Adrian Tierney-Jones and Pete Brown giving insights into beer.

“Waterstones gave great presence to books on beer,” says Frances Brace, guild director. “We hope this will be a good example for event organisers to follow as it’s a great way of promoting the guild.”