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3rd May 2018

The Wild Beer Co. announces new listings with Waitrose

Following on from its exclusive listing with Ninkasi in Waitrose last May, the Wild Beer Co. is adding several new lines to the current Waitrose beer range.

Instrumental in helping the retailer mould and form its new range, the brewer will be adding Bibble, Nebula, POGO, Sleeping Lemons and Millionaire to their existing line up. These beers will be exclusive in a national grocer chain.

Sleeping Lemons will be the first sour of its kind to be listed in a major multiple with the other beers in the range including pale ales, stout and a hazy IPA.

With Wild Beer’s focus on originality and authenticity, it feels it has aligned perfectly with Waitrose, whose brand ethos is a relevant and pertinent match in both quality and provenance.

Waitrose’s Beer Buyer Sarah Hammond had this to say on the burgeoning relationship:

‘I am really excited that we are able to expand the Wild Beer Co. range and offer customers even more fantastic beers including a really interesting and refreshing sour (Sleeping Lemons) and a very indulgent chocolate & salted caramel milk stout (Millionaire). Wild Beer Co. are one of my favourite breweries as they are always up to something unusual yet manage to create perfectly balanced and delicious beers.’


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