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17th March 2022

World Beer Awards welcomes Adrian Tierney-Jones as global chair of judges

We’re honoured that Adrian Tierney-Jones is joining us again this year as a global chair of judges. With the world returning to normal in 2022 we’re excited to bring everyone back together for an in-person tasting in full!

Here are a few words from Adrian.

I’m Adrian Tierney-Jones, a UK-based award-winning journalist who writes about beer, pubs, food and travel for various magazines and newspapers. I write the Beer of the Week column in the Daily Star, and also cover pubs and beer for the Daily Telegraph; I also contribute to Ferment, Pellicle, Beer Magazine and Good Beer Hunting, as well as to many publications around the world.

I have written quite a few books, including The Seven Moods of Craft Beer and my new book, United Kingdom of Beer, out at the end of March 2022. I am also editor of three editions of 1001 Beers to Taste Before You Die. For 20 years I have been a beer judge in competitions in UK, Europe and South America and I often can be found standing in front of an audience with a glass in my hand telling tales of drinking beer in bars across the world.

Beer is the prism through which breweries see the world while for me beer is the currency with which I spend my time. Every year when the Awards take place I look forward to seeing what trends are emerging throughout the world and what brewers are being influenced by; it helps me keep up with an ever-changing brewing world. When you enter the World Beer Awards your beers will be tasted and evaluated by a select group of judges that will include beer sommeliers, beer writers and brewing industry professionals, with their comments producing invaluable feedback on your products. They love what they do!

The joy of winning an award for a beer that a brewer will have spent long days and sleepless nights developing is something that will bring home to them that they are producing something worthwhile and pristine that people, whether around the world or in the brewery’s home county, can enjoy and talk about and clink glasses to. One of the greatest pleasures in the world of flavour and taste is a well-made beer that speaks to the drinker with the voice of a sage – will this be your beer?


Press release from World Beer Awards