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2nd October 2013


Following four rounds of judging, eight bottled beers have been crowned ‘World’s Best Beers’ by the international, highly respected judging panel. Judges have now blind-tasted beers from nearly 600 entries and from more than 30 countries, in the annual World Beer Awards. Category winners and style trophies have also been named. For the first time this year, new sub-category Bronze and Silver medals have been awarded. Judges have named Primator Weizenbier ‘World’s Best Beer 2013’ and Deschutes The Dissident ‘World’s Best Label 2013’.


CATEGORY WINNERS                                      BEER

World’s Best Wheat Beer                                Primator Weizenbier                                                         World’s Best Beer

World’s Best Dark Beer                                       Malheur 12

World’s Best Flavoured Beer                             Tazawako Beer Rauch

World’s Best Lager                                              Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner

World’s Best Pale Beer                                       Maison de Brasseur Thou

World’s Best Speciality Beer                              Le Trou du Diable La Bretteuse Brassin Special

World’s Best Stout & Porter                                Minoh Beer Imperial Stout

World’s Best Sour                                                Lindemans Old Kriek Cuvée René


The Americas Best Label                                Deschutes The Dissident                                                 World’s Best Label

Asia’s Best Label                                                Fujizakura Heights Beer Rauch

Europe’s Best Label                                           Lindemans Old Gueuze Cuvée René


Note from the European Chairman, Adrian Tierney-Jones

“It’s fabulous to see that the best lager has been won by Sharp’s for their scintillating Cornish Pilsner, proof that the lagers of the UK are no longer a laughing matter. While we’re talking turn-ups for the book, it is also intriguing that the World’s Best Beer goes to Czech brewery Primator, for their Weissbier, a style that had died out in the country while continuing to thrive next door in Germany.”

“Belgium makes a strong showing with two categories deservedly under its belt especially meaty, robust Malheur 12. Congratulations also go to the winners from France and Canada. It’s the presence of two Japanese beers that demonstrates that that country’s craft brewing industry is really starting to contend with the best beers around the world — which is what the World Beer Awards is all about, getting the world’s best beers recognised for the beautiful drinks that they are.”


Dark Beer

World’s Best American Brown Ale              Full Sail                                          Amber

World’s Best Barley Wine                              Swan Lake                                    Barley

World’s Best Belgian Style Dubbel             Belgh Brasse                                Mons Abbey Dubbel

World’s Best Belgian Style Strong               Malheur                                          12

World’s Best Black IPA                                  Thornbridge                                  Wild Raven

World’s Best Brown                                        Jopen                                             Bokbier

World’s Best Oud Bruin                                 Palm Brewery                               Rodenbach Grand Cru

World’s Best Strong                                        Redoak                                           Wee Heavy

World’s Best Vintage                                      Palm Brewery                               Rodenbach Vintage 2010


Flavoured Beer

World’s Best Chocolate & Coffee                Brasil Karin                                    Chocolate

World’s Best Experimental                           Samuel Adams                            Hazel Brown

World’s Best Fruit                                            Unibroue                                        Éphémère Apple

World’s Best Herb & Spice                            Robinson’s                                     Old Ginger Tom

World’s Best Honey                                        Samuel Adams                            Honey Queen

World’s Best Smoked                                    Tazawako Beer                            Rauch

World’s Best Wood-Aged                              Petrus                                             Aged Pale



World’s Best Alcohol Free                             Clausthaler                                    Classic

World’s Best Amber / Vienna                       Bierland                                         Vienna

World’s Best Bock                                           Brasil Karin                                    Baden Baden Bock

World’s Best Czech Pale                              Konrad                                           12º

World’s Best Dark                                           Evans                                             Black

World’s Best Doppelbock                              Fujizakura Heights Beer             Sakura Bock

World’s Best Dortmunder                              Hoepfner                                       Goldkoepfle

World’s Best German Pale                           Fujizakura Heights Beer             Pils

World’s Best Helles/Munchner                     Alpirsbacher                                  Spezial

World’s Best Low Carb                                  Sharp’s                                           Cornish Pilsner

World’s Best Seasonal                                  Feldschlösschen                          Maibock

World’s Best Strong                                        Budweiser Budvar                       Premier Select


Pale Beer

World’s Best Altbier                                        Bamberg                                        Alt

World’s Best Amber (inc. Irish Red)            Swan Lake                                    Amber Swan Ale

World’s Best Barley Wine                              Samuel Adams                            Griffins Bow

World’s Best Belgian Style Ale                    Unibroue                                        Seigneuriale

World’s Best Belgian Style Blonde              Unibroue                                        Quatre Centieme

World’s Best Belgian Style Strong               Samuel Adams                            Brewlywed Ale

World’s Best Belgian Style Tripel                Le Trou du Diable                        Buteuse Brassin Special

World’s Best Biére De Garde/Saison          Brasserie du Bocq                       Saison 1858

World’s Best Bitter up to 4%                         Stewart Brewing                           Radical Road

World’s Best Bitter up to 5%                         Deschutes                                     River Ale

World’s Best Bitter over 5%                          Great Newsome                           Frothingham Best

World’s Best Golden                                      Rogue                                             Single Malt Ale

World’s Best Imperial IPA                             Minoh Beer                                    W-IPA

World’s Best IPA                                             SanktGallen                                  Yokohama XPA

World’s Best Kölsch                                       Tazawako Beer                            Kolsch

World’s Best Pale Ale                                    Samuel Adams                            Belgian Session

World’s Best Seasonal                                  Maison de Brasseur                    Thou


Sour Beer

World’s Best Gose                                          Dollnitzer Ritterguts                  Gose

World’s Best Gueuze                                     Lindemans                                 Old Gueuze Cuvée René

World’s Best Kriek                                          Lindemans                                 Old Kriek Cuvée René

World’s Best Lambic                                      Redoak                                       Blackberry Wheat Beer


Speciality Beer

World’s Best Experimental                           Le Trou du Diable                        La Bretteuse Brassin Special

World’s Best Gluten-free                               Brouwerij Huyghe                        Mongozo Premium Pilsner

World’s Best Rye                                             Jopen                                             Jacobus RPA   


Stout & Porter

World’s Best Imperial                                     Minoh Beer                                    Imperial Stout

World’s Best Oatmeal Stout                          Rogue                                             Shakespeare Oatmeal

World’s Best Porter                                         Bogota Beer                                  Chapinero Porter

World’s Best Stout                                          Deschutes                                     Obsidian Stout

World’s Best Strong Porter                            Les Trois Mousquetaires            Grandee Cuvee Porter Baltique

World’s Best Sweet / Milk Stout                    Brasseurs du Monde                   Exploite


Wheat Beer

World’s Best Alcohol Free                             Weihenstephaner                        Hefeweissbier Alkoholfrei

World’s Best Bavarian Hefeweiss               Primator                                         Weizenbier

World’s Best Bavarian Kristal                       Weihenstephaner                        Kristal Weissbier

World’s Best Belgian Style Witbier              Mont Blanc                                    La Blanche

World’s Best Dark                                           Ketterer                                          Ur-Weisse Dunkel

World’s Best Strong                                        Brasil Karin                                    Eisenbahn Wiezenbock


For further information on the World Beer Awards including the Bronze, Silver and Gold regional style winners, images and tasting notes of the all the winning beers go to



Sophie Donovan, World Beer Awards, Organiser and Editor

+44 (0) 1603 633 808


Date of issue: 27th September 2013