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31st October 2012

Youtube’s first live brew

Guild member Simon Martin has been planning Youtube’s first ever live broadcast of a brew from start to finish on his Youtube channel. It is a collaborative brew called Continental Drift Red Rye IPA and it will be brewed live with the Celt Experience Brewery on the 20th November starting at 5pm

Simon says: “We are going to make history here and want as many people in the brewing industry to know about it as possible. I have a few huge rival channels from America who will no doubt be watching and then planning their own live brews. But as with most new inventions they come from the UK first, so the bigger the live audience the more chance I have of staying ahead of the American game.”

While the brew is going on Celtic’s head brewer Tom Newman will also host a beer + food event, in addition there will be a question and answer session with people tweeting their questions to him.

Simon has made a short video which was  filmed on top of a mountain to promote the brew