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5th October 2022

A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members – Part II

Please join us as we continue offering a warm welcome to our newest members.

Adam Wells

I have written about cider and perry for Pellicle,, Full Juice, Graftwood and Burum Collective. In 2021 I founded, based on articles I had previously written on a whisky and spirits website. Today it is one of the leading sources of long-form content on cider and perry, as well as containing more tasting notes than any other cider and perry website in Europe.

James Finch

James Finch has been writing about cider and perry for several years now, firstly for Crafty Nectar’s blog back in 2018 and then on to his own: The Cider Critic, as well as, Malt, CAMRA’s Learning and Discovery Pages, Full Juice magazine, Graftwood and local printed publications. He now co-edits Cider Review the number one site in the UK and the world for regular cider and perry content. Moving towards video blogging, James has done many Instagram Live events where he has given platforms to small producers and toured the cider world virtually. He is also the Chairman for the International Cider Challenge and in 2021 was presented with a 50th Anniversary Golden Award from CAMRA in recognition of his significant contribution to cider.

All the writing, drinking and travelling has led to James falling in love with apple trees, orchards and the craft of cider making. Now a producer himself with Chapel Sider hoping to launch in 2023.

Reece Hugill

Owner and head brewer of Donzoko, a lager brewery in Leith, originally from North East England, I enjoy writing about pubs, clubs, and beer foam.

Rocco Menna

Rocco Menna: food scientist, blogger and author of a couple of books about craft beer scene and history of beer in North-East Italy, passionate about British beer and Pubs. Graduate with a thesis on brewing process, former apprentice brewer. Find more at

Joey Leskin

Joey Leskin has a mission: to make the world of craft beer accessible to more diverse audiences and the everyday drinker. His project, Beer In The City, inspires people like him from outside of the industry to drink craft beer made locally, while being entertained and learning a bit about it – whether it’s their first brew or their 1000th. He creates brewery guides for cities worldwide, runs immersive beer-themed events and writes articles that tell beer like it is.