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8th September 2021

AEB launches into the UK market with a unique range of products and services for the brewing sector

AEB, an international brand of Italian heritage, is launching in the UK for the first time, offering its innovative biotechnology brewing ingredients to the thriving British craft brewing market.

AEB offers solutions to help brewers create better beer, including yeasts, enzymes, tannins, clarifying agents and stabilisers. AEB enable breweries to stay ahead of trends in the beer industry, supplying products that help craft brewers meet the rising demand for low or no alcohol beers and gluten-free beers without compromising on flavour. AEB’s products allow for craft breweries to produce speciality style beers effectively, using the processes they know, without investing in expensive equipment. Its ingredients also give brewers more control over the flavour profiles of beers, allowing them to enhance or suppress certain characteristics.

In addition to brewing products, AEB offers its brewing expertise as a service, with three digital support packages available. Subscribing to any support package gives brewers access to dedicated support Monday to Friday, via WhatsApp, Quick Chat and Call-back, as well as a monthly audit of brewing processes. Subscribers will be paired with AEB specialists so they will always have the same point of contact who can truly get familiar with their business and brewing needs.

The Intermediate package includes an additional level of consultation from a dedicated Subject Matter Expert who can advise on specific aspects of the brewing process. The Premium level package includes specialised consultancy with analytic support from AEB Lab, whereby brewers can troubleshoot problems and fine-tune their processes using the results of laboratory analysis of their beer. All packages are available for a free month-long trial. The basic package is available at just £49.00 for the first 50 customers but will cost £99.00 per month thereafter. The Intermediate package is priced at £149.00 and the Premium package at £199.00 per month.

Brewers can also join the AEB community – a hub where AEB’s global team of experts share resources to help brewers refine their recipes, and mashing, filtration and sanitation processes.

Mario Tomasoni, CEO of AEB, commented: “We’re really excited to be introducing our products and expertise to the UK for the first time, as there are so many passionate craft breweries here, producing excellent beer. Our products allow brewers to produce a more consistent product, and to be able to magnify certain desirable characteristics in their brewing. We want to work alongside brewers in the medium and long term with our unique subscription packages to help them brew better beer!”

AEB’s products and expertise will be available exclusively online at


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