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5th October 2020

Announcing THE BEER GLASS PROJECT – A New Movement to Reframe Beer

Photo credit: Claire McClean

By Women On Tap CIC

Harrogate-based beer equality initiative and social enterprise, Women On Tap CIC is today launching a new campaign to ‘reframe’ beer. A series of specially commissioned photographs, key facts and stats, articles, and crowdsourced content will be released across the month of October on social media to challenge common perceptions of what beer looks like, how it tastes, and who it’s for.

According to recent research by women and beer interest group Dea Latis, the UK has one of the lowest percentages of women beer drinkers in the world at just 17%. Many women in the UK feel uninterested, disenfranchised and even repulsed by beer. This comes from years of marketing beer at men, ingrained sexism, and misconceptions around things like bloat and calories.

Women On Tap founder Rachel Auty says this campaign is a much-needed reminder that beer is for everyone:

“The image of beer today is hugely inaccurate. Beer has changed so much over recent years. On the whole, perceptions have not – particularly among women. We need a reset button to enable us to stamp out inequality so that beer is accessible to all. We need to change the way it is represented, talked about and marketed.

One of the main reasons women are put off beer is the perception of beer as something that comes in pints. The historical perception of a drink that is cheap, brown and malty in an overwhelming volume, guzzled in a laddish manner until one bloats and passes out is not an appealing one for many.”

The Beer Glass Project will put glassware at the front of the conversation. A range of specially commissioned photographs will be released presenting beer in beautiful and ‘unexpected’ glassware, showcasing the drink as part of a rounded, aesthetic, and indulgent experience – something not commonly associated with beer. The idea is to encourage people to experiment and enjoy beer their way, away from traditional notions.

Rachel adds “Women in particular would be more likely to drink beer if they realised sipping it in smaller volumes is actually a perfect way to explore and enjoy the many styles of beer out there today. They want great glassware and are more likely to choose a drink that is presented in a beautiful and aspirational way, like wine or gin often is – and one they can enjoy and pair with food. Women are strong and independent and they will choose a drink that helps them make a bold statement about who they are. I hope to make more women realise there really is no better way to do that than with a great beer in a fabulous glass.”

The Beer Glass Project is the start of a movement to reframe beer. Over 5 weeks in October 2020 Women On Tap CIC will run a campaign on social media to present beer as an elegant, premium lifestyle choice, and will amplify the voices of women who might just inspire others to give it a shot. Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @womenontap using #BeerGlassProject

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