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5th October 2020

Campervan Brewery to launch its first Foeder-aged beer across five venues this weekend

The Leith based brewery will be releasing its first foeder-aged beer this weekend across five venues in Edinburgh. Part of their “Lost In Leith” barrel-aged project, the beer is an imperial version of one of their classic is called “Double Mutiny” and has aged for three months in one of their Fermentaria Foeders.

A tribute to Campervan’s very first releases

With this beer, Campervan Brewery wanted to pay a tribute to one of their very first release “Mutiny on the Bounty” which was launched in July 2015 at The Stockbridge Tap in Edinburgh.

Paul Gibson, founder of The Campervan Brewery to say:

“Mutiny is the beer that really launched the brewery back in 2015, it was something a bit crazy and nobody had seen before in Edinburgh so we wanted to pay a tribute to this for our first foeder-aged beer in our “Lost In Leith” range, a bit like a lucky charm”.

A few years ago, Campervan had to stop the production of this beer lovers’ favourite, when the brewery’s production scaled up, it became harder to source coconut chips and vanilla pods so in order to not compromise the quality of this iconic beer production ceased.

With the launch of their Barrel-aged project and their Fermentaria Lost In Leith bar in March 2020, it was always going to be the first beer to be matured in one of the three Foeders. It’s an Imperial version of the original: Double Mutiny.

Double Mutiny, Imperial Coconut Milk Stout

This 9.3% ABV Imperial Coconut Milk Stout is a full bodied milk stout with dark chocolate and coffee notes, which are supported by coconut and vanilla undertones.

The beer has been brewed back in February with the support of Bairds Malt, which kindly provided the brewery their finest malts, before being transported to The Shore’s Fermentaria for being aged in one of their Allary’s French Oak Foeders for three months.

The beer will be launched on Friday the 2nd of October, across 5 symbolic venues in Edinburgh:

  • The Stockbridge Tap
  • The Hanging Bat
  • The Pitt Market
  • Dreadnought Leith

And of course, Lost In Leith Bar & Fermentaria.

In selecting these venues, the Leith-based brewery wanted to thank the friends who supported them for the past five years but also the Edinburgh and Scottish beer community.

Double Mutiny is also launching in bottle on Friday on the Campervan Brewery Web Store or in a selection of bottle shops.

About Campervan Brewery:
Started as a way to find some respite while he was looking after his family afflicted by illness, Paul Gibson began to professionally brew beer in 2015 in his garage or in his VW Campervan converted in a mobile brewery, “The Hoppy Camper”.

After struggling to keep up with demand, Paul decided to open The Campervan Brewery in Leith in January 2017.

The brewery hasn’t stopped growing since, with the opening of a taproom in August 2017 and the increase of their brewing capacity from 50HL to 120HL in 2019.


Social media:
Twitter: @campervanbrew
Instagram: campervanbrewery