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25th September 2012

Are you ready for Cask Ale Week?

This week sees the beginning of Cask Ale Week (only in Britain, only in pubs!). It runs from 28th Sep to 7th Oct. Any help you can give in raising awareness of, and affection for our national drink during this Week would be much appreciated. Some members of the Guild are already talking about cask 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, so this may seem a strange request. However, the Week provides an opportunity to make a real impact through volume of social media coverage – as well as through some great activity and promotions by fantastic, engaged breweries and pubs. Your support in adding to that volume would be much appreciated.

If you don’t have the opportunity to write about Cask Ale Week (which we hope you will), would you mind at the very least:-

  • adding the link to any website you have
  • posting something on the National Cask Ale Week Facebook page (where you can promote links to your own blogs or areas of your websites where you talk about cask ale)
  • Following on Twitter
  • Tweeting about Cask Ale Week – and providing the website link
  • Using the Cask Ale Week logo wherever you can?

Let’s hope that, in addition to appreciating taste and flavour and to experiencing the sheer enjoyment of cask ale, people will – with lots of informative writing, blogging, broadcasting and talking – embrace the fact that by drinking cask ale, they are supporting:-

  • British breweries
  • British farmers (it takes 1,500 grains of malted barley to make one pint)
  • British pubs (cask ale is the one drink you can’t buy in the supermarket so encourages people to be part of the sociable environment of the pub, thus helping to keep the infrastructure of countless communities alive and active)
  • British tourism (no other country has a cask ale heritage or offer such as ours so visitors come to these shores especially to try our beer)
  • The local – and indeed the British – economy.


Photoa are available.

All best wishes,


On behalf of Cask Marque