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28th November 2014

Arran Brewery is hoping to appeal to more women drinkers by offering beer that has less calories than wine. 

While more than ever women are drinking beer the number is still small in comparison to the number of males enjoying the beverage.

Gerald Michaluk, Managing Director of the Arran Brewery said: “Wine is drunk by more than twice as many women than beer and if we are to encourage more females to drink Arran Beers we need to address their misconceptions about beer generally so they can discover just how good the Arran Beers are.

Starting with calories, there is a misconception that wine has less calories than beer. This is simply not true a typical beer at 4.6% has fewer calories than the same volume of a standard wine. So actually Arranbeers are less fattening than wine.

Not just has Arran Beer less calories than the same volume of wine but according to the BBPA, a glass of beer with a typical 4.6% alcoholic volume, has fewer calories than milk or fruit juice too.

Beer is in fact packed with many of the nutrients the body needs for a healthy diet. It was once known as ‘liquid bread’  and we all know that cereals are good for us, beer is made from cereals. So logically is good for you as well.


While, unlike other alcoholic drinks, Arran Ales are chock full of vitamins and minerals. A pint of Arran beer will supply about 5% of your daily protein needs, whereas wine has none.


While perhaps the most surprising fact is Arran Beer has absolutely no cholesterol or fat  but contain useful quantities of soluble fibre instead.


Many studies have shown that the alcohol in beer benefits our heart and circulation systems.  Not to mention the Polyphenols in Arran beer that are effective at scavenging harmful cancer inducing free radicals.


In moderation, Arran beer will not make you fat and its constituents are proven to help in a balanced diet”.


Arran Sunset  is one of the Arran Breweies brands targeted at women who “don’t like beer” but for all the wrong reasons.

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