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2nd October 2013

Arran Red Squirrel Drinkers Get Vote of Thanks

Drinkers of the Arran Brewery’s Red Squirrel have received votes of thanks
from the three Red Squirrel Charities that have been given Wildlife
cameras to monitor Red Squirrels.

The cameras were donated by the Arran Brewery from proceeds of the sales
of Arran Red Squirrel Ale. Every time a bottle is sold a small donation is
collected to support Red Squirrels.  There are only Red Squirrels on
Arran and the funds aim is to support Red Squirrel Charities throughout
the UK. In total six cameras were purchased and three have found good
homes with the Arran Ranger Service, The West Moorland Red Squirrel Trust
and the Red Squirrel Survival Trust.  The remaining three cameras will be
donated in the coming months.

Janet Wickens from the Red Squirrel Survival Trust wrote “ Having the
right equipment makes monitoring much more effective and scientifically

Managing Director of the Arran Brewery Gerald Michaluk said “we are
delighted to support these charities in their good work and the fans of
Arran Red Squirrel are to be thanked for supporting the brand and making these
donations possible.  In previous years we have supported captive breading,
feeders and provided food.  I am looking forward to the fist images coming
back of our native Squirrel”.

Gerald Michaluk
Arran Brew Ltd
100 Wellington St
Glasgow, G2 6DH.
Tel: 0141 572 1580
DL: 0141 572 5681
Mobile: 07968 157788
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