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2nd May 2017

Arran Red Squirrel Red Ale supporting Red Squirrels Everywhere

The Arran Brewery is donating three wildlife cameras to Red Squirrel charities over the coming weeks and is offering financial support for care and maintenance programmes that will help re-introduce Red Squirrels to their natural habitats throughout the UK.


Managing Director “Gerald Michaluk said We have been donating a very small amount from each bottle of Arran Red Squirrel to Red Squirrel charities for a number of years now mainly because on Arran we have only Red Squirrels and we would like to see them back in their historic habitats throughout the UK.  Red Squirrels thrive on the island their only predator being the Motor Car.   This regular trickle of funds is ideal for maintaining initiatives for example supplying food for feeders, repairing rope bridges across roads etc   We see the funds raised as a maintenance type of budget to ensure well funded capital initiatives can be maintained for more than just the initial period of capital funding”.


Arran Red Squirrel is available in independent bottle shops as well as selected ASDA stores in Scotland. Arran Red Squirrel Ale is red in colour and has a distinct nutty flavour, brewed and bottled on Arran using only whole hops and natural ingredients.  Arran is a SIBA assured Independent British Craft Brewery.

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