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25th November 2014

Award-winning Irish craft brewery launches new beer in the UK

Brewery launches new Chieftain IPA, ‘Irish’ Pale Ale
Irish craft brewery, Franciscan Well, has announced the launch of a brand new ‘Irish’ Pale Ale, Chieftain IPA. The new beer is currently available in select UK on-trade outlets now, with wider distribution planned for 2015. The launch follows the recent success of the brewer’s other flagship beers, Rebel Red and Shandon Stout in recent months.
The Franciscan Well brewery, built on the site of an old Franciscan monastery dating back to 1219, strikes the right balance between traditional Irish brewing techniques and innovative recipes. The decision to launch its portfolio of beers in the UK follows strong demand from both publicans and consumers, and follows its huge success in its homeland of Ireland.
While the trend in IPA’s is to brew highly-hopped beers to deliver an intense bitterness to the palate, Chieftain IPA is more evenly balanced and pairs well with food. The new IPA was designed to be the Irish take on the popular beer style, with the rich malt sweetness giving it clean, balanced finish.
Shane Long, founder of Franciscan Well Brewery, said: “Although it’s come a long way since I started the brewery in 1998, the craft beer industry is still in its infancy in Ireland. Following the success of our beers here, it was a natural next step for us to try our hand at a bigger market, and with London being at the epicentre of craft beer, it just made sense. Rebel Red and Shandon Stout are available in select outlets across the UK, with IPA being made available in limited quantities now with a bigger launch in 2015.”
“IPA’s are usually high hopped, leaving a bitterness that lingers on the palate. With Chieftain IPA we wanted to do something a little different, offering everything an IPA normally delivers but with a smoother, cleaner finish.”
The Franciscan Well Brewery was established in 1998 on a site in Cork City dating back 800 years to 1219. As well as building up a loyal customer base in Ireland, Franciscan Well has also received several international accolades in recent years. Last year, the brewery won two awards at the prestigious World Beer Awards, including a gold medal within the European category for its popular Irish red ale Rebel Red.
Tasting notes:
·         Appearance: Copper
·         Aroma: Tropical Fruits
·         Taste: Medium bitterness at the front, evenly balanced by the rich sweetness from the malt
·         Mouth Feel: Medium body with light bitterness levels
·         Finish: Smooth, sweet and clean
·         Food pairing: Works well with blue cheese, and fried chicken
·         Malts: Pearl, Wheat and Crystal
·         Hops: Citra, Tettanger and Magimum
Contact details for further information
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About Franciscan Well
The Franciscan Well Brewery was founded in 1998 on the North Mall in Cork City and is built on the site of an old Franciscan monastery and well dating back to the year 1219. Legend has it that water from the well had miraculous and curative properties, and people would come from afar to drink from it.  The Brewery has combined modern technology with age old tradition, brewing classic beer styles including lager, ale, stout, and wheat beer. All of the beers brewed at the Franciscan Well use the finest natural ingredients and are additive-free.


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