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22nd February 2022


Storm Eunice has really got everyone talking and nothing has gripped a nation and united us more than Big Jet TV. As thousands of Brits were gripped to Big Jet TV’s live stream of planes attempting to land at Heathrow Airport, Beartown Brewery, an independent brewer based in Congleton, Cheshire has created a special can to commemorate the occasion – introducing ‘Big Jet TV’ – a stormy pale ale.

Beartown Brewery plan on developing the perfect pale ale flavour to capture the sheer chaos of Storm Eunice – stay tuned for further updates. And thanks again to Big Jet TV for keeping us all entertained.

Joseph Manning, managing director of Beartown Brewery said: “What a day, what a storm, and what a time to be alive to watch that epic broadcast from Big Jet TV. We’d like to dedicate this special can of pale ale to the absolute heroic nature of keeping the nation gripped. Nothing has united us more than watching those jets land safely, so cheers to you Big Jet TV.”

The Beartown Brewery story began in 1632, when Congleton, a town in Cheshire, sold its bible to buy a Bear.  From that day forward Congleton was given a new name, Beartown.

Beartown Brewery was officially born in 1994, and blossomed in a world of cask beer – the pinnacle of craft brewing and has over the decades added bottles, cans and kegs to the range. Regardless of beer style or vessel, the one thing that runs through the core of all Beartown Brewery beers, is quality craftsmanship and flavours.

Available to order online, the beers are available in bottles, cans, fridge packs or kegs. Bursting with flavour, the smooth tasting beer hits all of the right spots of the taste buds.

To find out more about Beartown Brewery or to purchase any of the range visit:


Press release from Beartown Brewery

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