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22nd February 2022


SkinnyBrands Premium Lager, Skinny Lager, will make a move to the ‘Power Aisle’ in Tesco from 18 February to 15 March – for a month-long duration.

Originally stocked on the Tesco ‘Free From’ aisle from 2020, Skinny Lager has become a firm customer favourite, a full-flavoured, 4% ABV Premium Lager that is both vegan, gluten-free and containing just 89 calories, 35% less calories than other premium lagers.

The Tesco ‘Power Aisle’ is known as the central aisle in the supermarket between two sets of aisles and surrounded by gondola ends. The move will see Skinny Lager projected into the mainstream with a one-month opportunity.

The brand has worked relentlessly on growing and retaining a loyal fan base of Skinny Lager adorers, and has eyes on driving sales and enticing in new customers with this move.

In a crowded and competitive sector, SkinnyBrands believes the key to reaching new-to-brand consumers comes from the success of Skinny Lager standing out on the shelf. The Skinny Lager packaging looks to tell an educational story that helps the brand stand out at point of purchase and being stocked on out-of-category aisle spaces such as the Power Aisle will continue to entice in new customers who previously wouldn’t have a need or want to visit the ‘Free From’ aisle.

The brand is also distributed nationwide in Morrisons, Asda and online with Amazon and Ocado with plans in place to further its consumer market listings.

 The Skinny Lager draught version has also gained listings in nationwide wholesalers and foodservice, alongside brand exports rising, with Skinny Lager now already available in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.   It will launch in the US and Canada, along with the Balearics and mainland Spain, this year.

Adrian Hirst CEO from SkinnyBrands said: “Looking at the ever changing needs of the consumer, the Skinny Lager move to the Power Aisle shows there is an increasing appetite for calorie content transparency, where consumers can make informed decisions. Consumers no longer want to make compromises, but finding something that fits into their lifestyles and this is really where SkinnyBrands comes into play.”

Lucy Chan Chappells, marketing manager from SkinnyBrands added: “We’re really proud to be continuing to expand on the success we achieved in 2021 and furthering the SkinnyBrand. Accessibility is essential to Skinny Lager and being situated on the Power Aisle makes us more accessible than ever and continues to grow us as a soon-to-be household name.”

Also SkinnyBrands is set to unveil another innovative beer brand this year, Skinny Lager IPA.

For more information please visit the SkinnyBrands website and follow Skinny Lager on Instagram @SkinnyLager and on Facebook.


Press release from SkinnyBrands

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