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27th August 2020

Beavertown Brewery expands its horizons with the launch of Beaverworld – London’s Largest Brewery

  • Creating up to 150 jobs across three years in North London 
  • Allowing Beavertown to deliver 90,000,000 pints every year, 10 times more than before 
  • The new site covers six acres with a 129,000sq.ft building on the site of a former Ediswan Factory

London, Wednesday, 26th August 2020. Beavertown Brewery has announced its expansion with London’s Largest brewery ‘Beaverworld’, located in Ponders End, Enfield, on a plot of land covering six acres. Billed as Beavertown’s ‘forever home’, the brewery will see up to 150 jobs created in the local North London area. Beaverworld will allow the brewery to deliver 90,000,000 pints yearly, 10 times more than before and has been developed to keep up with increasing demand for Beavertown’s beers.

Beaverworld has been eight years in the making, ever since founder Logan Plant first started brewing in his kitchen – one dream, one man, and his 25 litre rice pan. The expansion comes after Heineken purchased a minority stake in Beavertown Brewery in 2018, with £40 million going to fund the new brewery. Beavertown has also been making moves to grow its core range of beers with new products including Nanobot.

The concept and design behind Beaverworld has been well thought-out and includes space for a brewhouse, packaging space, warehouse, logistics hub, and offices. Beavertown has collaborated closely with manufacturer Krones to develop a bespoke Brewhouse incorporating all the latest technology and equipment. It will deliver the best extract efficiency and flavour consistency, while being incredibly energy efficient. It has also been designed to provide the great flexibility Beavertown requires to produce a varied and extensive range of beers. It will allow Beavertown to deliver a maximum capacity of 500,000hl a year and to brew in 150hl batches, producing 90,000,000 pints yearly, 10 times more Beavertown beer than at its previous Tottenham location, making Beaverworld London’s largest brewery.

Logan Plant, Beavertown Brewery founder says: “Beaverworld has been a long time in the making and we’re thrilled that we’ve now started brewing on site in Enfield. We’re confident that with Beaverworld, we have created a quality-driven brewery with passion and love for the craft at its core. Beaverworld is the answer to our dream of getting more Beavertown in the hands of the masses and we could not be more excited that it’s now up and running. With Beaverworld we’re expecting to create our own lasting-legacy.”

Historically, the Beaverworld site itself has been a place of great invention with the first electronic valves developed there by Sir Ambrose Fleming, establishing Ponders End as an important centre for the manufacture of electronics for the 20th century. It is this illustrious heritage and heart of innovation that Beavertown wants to retain and build upon; through supporting the trades and beer industry as a whole, and the positive ripple effect that Beaverworld will have on the local community and beyond. 


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About Beavertown 

Beavertown is dedicated to crafting high quality, innovative beers like Gamma Ray APA or Neck Oil SIPA that appeal to the thirsty masses, as well as more experimental brews from our Tempus Project. From brewing to branding, we believe in creativity in everything we do.

  • At Beavertown, we believe beer is more than just a beer, it’s an experience; which is why we host a weekly Saturday taproom to give people the chance to taste our carefully crafted beer in its natural habitat, our own Tottenham brewery
  • Now eight years old, Beavertown began life on a 650L kit in a BBQ joint in Haggerston. To put that in perspective the original Tottenham brewery produced 5500L batches or 9,000,000 pints a year and the new brewery – Beaverworld – will allow Beavertown to produce 90,000,000 pints a year. 
  • The official craft beer of Tottenham Hotspur F.C., you can enjoy a crisp pint of your favourite Beavertown brew in our new taproom and microbrewery inside the stadium – the first of its kind
  • Winner of 2 gold medals at the International Beer Challenge for core range beers Gamma Ray & Neck Oil