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26th August 2021

Beer and BBQ – the limited edition box you need for bank holiday

To celebrate August bank holiday and the last hurrah of summer, craft beer subscription service, Beacon & Buck, has launched a Limited Edition BBQ Box. They’ve teamed up with BBQ experts, Kevin Edge and Rob Claydon, to provide unique and delicious food pairings (see below!) to perfectly accommodate these British beers.

A timeless combination, the Beacon & Buck Limited Edition BBQ Box (£18) includes eight thirst-quenching British craft beers that the founders have handpicked to perfectly accommodate BBQs with friends and can be bought as a one-off purchase from their new online store.

Kevin Edge and Rob Claydon give the lowdown on what to eat with…

  • Reubens Brew, Dry hopped Lager (4.8%).
    • A classic lager, essential for a hot summer’s day reconnecting with friends. Think lazy afternoons, sunshine and the refreshment of a crisp citrus lager whilst kicking back with a classic grilled hot-dog smothered in onions and mustard. For a more sophisticated gathering, a whole grilled sea bass stuffed with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger.
  • Pinetree Brewing Company, House Pale (4.5%)  
    • This easy to drink hazy and juicy pale ale cuts through fatty cuts of meat such as slow smoked pulled pork, served in buns with fresh slaw and apple sauce. Equally the perfect pairing for a double smashed cheeseburger with crispy bacon and pickles
  • West Berks brewery, Tropic like its hot (4.8%)
    • This fruity pale ale brings a subtle, tart and pleasant flavour. Perfectly contrasting sticky BBQ ribs, served with chargrilled buttered corn. Would be equally at home with Madagascan tiger prawns, with a chipotle and lime dressing.
  • Trouble Brewing, Dark Clouds PORTER (4.4%)
    • A rich and deeply flavoured porter, tastes best with BBQ food that is equally dark and robust. Beef is the order of the day for this one. Oak smoked brisket or a show-stopping primeval tomahawk cooked over a blisteringly hot fire. It doesn’t stop there as this Porter is destined for a greater purpose than just drinking; bringing a whole new level as a braising liquor for Beef ribs or cheeks.

Beacon & Buck also offer a subscription service which allows customers to choose from three different styles of box, with different flavoured profiles of beers to match their taste. If customers are unsure, they can take Beacon & Buck’s unique ‘Taste Test’ to identify their preferred style to make sure they only receive the beers they love.

What’s in the box:

£18. Next day delivery on all orders made before 2pm.

  • 2 x Pinetree House Pale Ale (Hazy low ABV perfect for a sunny day)
  • 2 x Reubens Pacific Pils (zippy and refreshing lager)
  • 2 x WBB Tropic Like It’s Hot (pineapple notes delicious for hot weather)
  • 2 x Trouble Brewing Dark Clouds (coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours which pair nicely with smoky BBQ food)


Press release from Beacon & Buck