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3rd December 2021

Beer Passport London 2022, showcasing the very best of London’s breweries

Beer Passport London 2022 enables people to Explore the craft beer scene, Discover unique breweries and Drink mouthwatering beer.

Showcasing London’s best breweries and encouraging people to visit their taprooms to drink the freshest beer. With £250+ of exclusive discounts from over 40 of London’s breweries, this pocket-sized guide connects like-minded beer enthusiasts with the best craft beer on offer across the city.

Beer Passport London 2022 is available from for £24.95, offering exclusive discounts at 50 taprooms across London. For each taproom visited, customers will get a stamp in their passport alongside an exclusive offer, such as Buy One Get One Free or 50% off a flight of beer! Whether you’re looking to discover a hidden gem or to support an old favourite, the passport is filled to the brim with a curated selection of breweries, insider info, and brilliant beer recommendations.

Partnering with the London Brewers Alliance (LBA), Beer Passport London 2022 aims to shine a light on some of the city’s best craft breweries encouraging their customers to EXPLORE the craft beer scene, DISCOVER unique breweries and DRINK mouthwatering beer.

Michael Townsend, co-founder of Beer Passport said: “London’s craft beer scene has thrived in recent years and we want to showcase that to the wider audience. There’s so much more to beer than what’s on tap at your local pub, or on the shelf at your local supermarket, we’re trying to encourage people to get out there and explore. With Beer Passport London 2022, we’re bringing together craft beer lovers with some of the best breweries in the city and rewarding them with exclusive discounts.”

[Beer Passport Ltd is a startup company co-founded by two beer enthusiasts looking to shine a light on the craft beer industry. Beer Passport London 2022 is a pocket-sized guide that encourages customers to Explore the city, Discover unique breweries and Drink mouthwatering craft beer.]

Press release from Beer Passport