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30th January 2019

Beer Sommelier wanted

An event organiser is looking for a Beer Sommelier to conduct an informal beer tasting/talk as part of a ‘Boerwors, Beer and Biltong’ charity barbecue evening.

The barbecue is being held on Thursday 28 Feb, from 8.00 – 11.00  in a synagogue in Edgware, north London,  for around 100 people aged 30-55. It’s an informal event, and it’s envisaged that the Beer Sommelier will have a table with a selection of beers – the organisers would like help on selecting these – and talk to guests as about beers and suggest the best matches to the food.

Note that all the beers tasted have to be certified as Kosher, so has to be unflavoured.

The organisers are able to offer a small fee to the Beer Sommelier.

Members interested in finding out more should contact the organiser direct: