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27th August 2021

Belgium Beer Week celebrates bars, brewers and culture

Guild member Ahmed ElAmin of the Beer Idiots ( is celebrating the second edition of Belgium Beer Week 23-29 August. Belgium’s beer culture is on tap with bars, brewers, beer experts, tap takeovers, games, and food pairings. This second edition covers 150+ events and 60 participants in Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven, Bruges, Ghent, Mechelen, Liège, and Namur.

Check out the agenda here:

Food pairings, tap takeovers, cultural collabs, blind tastings, bottle shares, brunches and other events made Belgium Beer Week’s first edition a huge success in 2020. The Beer Idiots are a non-profit, and we launched Belgium Beer last year to help bars, brewers and event organisers make the great comeback from Belgium’s first lockdown.

Fellow guild members are invited around for a drink with the Beer Idiots if you happen to be in the country or need advice on who to talk to: +32 475 937 194 or